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Don't wait for me reader, it's not a happy ending!

If you keenly observe, all the failed love stories are the most celebrated ones in history and people often picturise their tragic ends in many possible ways artistically. Many books are composed and many theatrical performances are made through the inspiration and adaptation of such sad endings. But deep down while reading or witnessing such story forms, we keep anticipating the happy ending even after knowing the story at full length. Do you comprehend why we expect the opposite and why we pray for those characters to gain a happy ending? It portrays our self-motive of waiting for a happy ending in our life scenarios.

Even though we appreciate such tragedies of love stories where a couple get apart from each other, we never wish that to happen as our minds, by default create an image of happiness at every story 'end'. When we listen to our dear ones' or casual strangers' love stories, we become intrigued about experiencing the end and whether those people lived happily ever after. If we get to know those love stories end up as love failures, we feel bad, sad, disappointed and even disgusted for various reasons. Have you ever thought about why we do that and why we keep waiting for happy endings to happen instead of working for the end regardless of happiness or sadness?

Negativity attracts more and better than positivity. You may feel contented for a random couple falling in love, getting married, having kids, buying a house and living in it as a family but you feel disheartened if you get to know the couple broke up, divorced or one of them dead because that's how your mind reacts whenever you encounter happy and sad facts. But when you are happy for someone, you don't maintain that moment of happiness for at least a day or two but it isn't the same thing when you listen to or see a sad ending as it keeps killing your mental peace for a long time and for some people, they even get influenced and think what if the same happens to them?

Unfortunately, we manifest sad endings without our conscious knowledge by keep thinking about and applying them in our lives and we take happy endings not so seriously even though we all want to have a happy ending in our romantic life scenarios. There must be an even-handed approach towards embracing sad endings the way how a person treats happy endings because it creates practicality in a person's life to give a clear perspective about how to work to meet ends by facing both happiness and sadness without getting influenced by others' endings be it happy or sad.

In this era of psychological vulnerability, it is effortless for us to book a session with a psychological counsellor rather than understand the exact reason behind such psychological fluctuations in our lives. We are fine with opening up to random people instead of opening up to people whom we know dearly. Are we a messed-up generation where we lack clarity about realities?

Expectations lead to disappointments and it also doesn't mean that we shouldn't expect altogether. Expecting from the right people at the right time in the right situations may generate your desired results but if you expect from every random person out there, then you end up crushing yourself under distressed emotions and feelings. You don't have to expect a happy ending every time you come across a love story and you don't have to get influenced and affected by every downbeat ending you encounter. Can we, humans, know what happens at the end and when that end even arrives? Strictly no! Life isn't a fairytale and no one tells you what happened post happily ever after scenarios. The moment you try to observe both happy endings and sad endings as two types of results of life, your way of thinking changes completely in terms of anticipation.

So my dear reader, next time, don't expect a happy ending for a story. Also, be practical about the story ending the way you anticipated and wanted. It may not be a happy ending, but it may not be a sad ending too. The ending may be something unpredictable and unexpected, which may not make you feel both happy and sad. So be prepared to face the realities the way they are without waiting for the story to end only happily.

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