Don't hope for Love, Be Love!

Many publishing companies in the world, always come forward to publish books, especially which fills hope in people, books which can inspire people not to give up. One can find many books in a bookstore, based on the concept of Hope. Because all our writers and bloggers want to inspire our readers to hope for something which they can never achieve. Strictly speaking, by talking about hopes, sometimes we may end up giving false hopes to those timid personalities out there. Instead of hope, we should write about how to be a person to tackle any kind of situation without thinking about hopes. In the name of Love, the word hope is just a word. It doesn't serve any purpose. Hopes remain hopes and they never come to reality.

In love, when two people share a beautiful bond with all those unconditional emotions for each other, the word hope comes with hell lot of conditions which affect the unconditional love. Unintentionally, we humans depending more on hopes, less on ourselves. Hope is invisible and uncertain, sometimes. And though we are visible to ourselves and though we can put our efforts, we act as if we are blind and paralyzed by searching in hopes, hopefully. This dogma must change. People must change. They should hope but they shouldn't get dependent and addicted to it.

Love is a very sensitive emotion which must be handled with utmost care and affection consistently. People who are in relationships are more prone to disturbances, arguments and cold wars which may lead to heartbreaks sometimes. In these sensitive phases, people act dumb and they just hope everything would sort out soon to be back with their partners, but they don't keep their efforts to get back to them. Because, somewhere in the corner of our hearts, we all are dependent on hopes and blindly believe that hopes may patch the torn off relationships. Instead of being a person lively to act on, we unconsciously leave it to the invisible hopes. As if the hopes are wizards to turn a fish into a man. Too insane!

Hopes are good. They keep us alive. But, being alive with no reason to live is worse than dying. People are always in search of hope like searching for an object which doesn't exist. For suppose, if a couple argues on some serious matter and they get apart because of those argumentative conversations, either of the persons, don't initiate themselves to sort things out and to open up how they feel about each other. They just live in a trance island of hope, hoping things get sorted out without their involvement into each other to shape up their relationship properly. We never extend our hands to our partners. We just hope, they extend their hands to us. Meanwhile, the emotional and physical gap take over the relationship and within no time, break up steps into the scene which make things even worse.

Misunderstandings, miscommunications, misinterpretations and egoistic attitude get prioritized in a person's list when something unexpected happens in Love. People give more preferences to these degrading factors than the love they have between them. Some people successfully overcome these and happily get back to each other by presenting themselves with all their efforts. And some, just hope for things and wait for the hope to fulfill the gap between them and their partners. Why does humankind, love to complicate the simple things? Hypothetical question!

It is very simple. When you face hurdles and barriers in love because of yourself, your partner or some other sources, You just present yourself by keeping all your physical, mental and emotional efforts to get back to the sacred love you share with your partner. Don't wait for "Hope" to rule your relationships. At the end of the day, even hope needs efforts. It's time to get rid of those books which suggest you hope is the only thing which is needed to get back to your love. Seriously, no book suggests that. It's just, we humans only understand things we can capable of committing. Hence, it varies from person to person. If a person, thinks he/she is capable of getting their partners back to them or getting back to their partners, by indulging some efforts in every possible way, then that particular person, hardly waits for hopes to act on. Indeed, he/she doesn't give a damn about hope. They just act on the situation and clear the mess that spread in their love life. Being Love is the only way to be in Love with the person you love the most.

So, don't hope for love, be love!

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