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Don't do 'these', if you want your partner to be true to you!

Regardless of what kind of partner, you have romantically in your life, be it a dating partner or a spouse; authenticity and integrity are one of those important factors that make a relationship stronger. And two individuals in a romantic bond should stay trustworthy to each other and it happens only when those two, stay truthful to each other. Lies have the power to build a temporary escape path but they also are capable enough to irreparably ruin any relationship. Hence, a person must try one's level best to let one's partner stay truthful at any point of the relationship and in any situation. To reach that intense level of passionate transparency, you must engage your partner to feel comfortable sharing anything under the sky without any hesitance.

Purposely and sometimes unintentionally we all commit a few mistakes that force our partners to restrict some truths. Not being truthful hurts more than spilling a lie, especially in romantic relationships. You can't accuse your partner to be not truthful to you because there must be something from your side that could restrict your partner from being one's self. Here are some don't (s) you should never do:

Don't lose self-authenticity; until and unless you stay genuine to yourself, you can't expect your partner to be true to you.

Don't restrict your expressions and transparency. You need to express whatever you feel without hiding for the sake of fake happiness.

Don't lead a life with absurd boundaries according to societal norms and regulations. The more you bound yourself, the more you impose those boundaries on your partner which enables your loved one to lose the element of being truthful under the emotion of not hurting you.

Don't lay unnecessary limitations on your partner's life and lifestyle scenarios just because you feel insecure, jealous, possessive, or overprotective. People like to live limitlessly when it comes to their life goals and they do whatever they desire to accomplish regardless of their limitations. So in the process of being in a relationship, your partner may start depicting lies or hiding truths to attain all those goals.

Don't be a snob who keeps complaining about everything and everyone around you. Firstly no one likes to date or to be with a snob and even though your partner stays with you out of love, he/she/they may end up delivering you fake opinions or even lie in your face just not to deal with your complaint box personality.

Don't devalue the opinions or thoughts of your partner because it affects the transparency of your partner and there are chances that your partner doesn't stay completely truthful to you because of your degrading mindset.

Don't be weak in handling situations no matter how intense they are because no one likes to go through hard situations if one's partner experiences difficulty in dealing with truths, facts, and true situations. As a result, ultimately you allow your partner to report comforting lies to you just because you have issues with harsh truths.

Don't cause a big fuss even with petty situations because your partner may end up imagining your crazy behavior if it is the truth that's huge in your relationship. So stop overreacting and start accepting the situations the way they are by getting along with them properly with the right amount of reaction, if not your partner may either feel scared or conscious enough to share the truth, especially the ones that you just need to know at any cost.

Don't let the pattern of skipping truths rule your relationship. Some couples get habituated to confessing truths to each other a bit later by taking their sweet own time which ultimately lets a couple take each other for granted in terms of expressing their transparent views or some important piece of information that matters about the happenings of your relationship. This pattern may bother you later on a personal level. So be aware of it before it gets worse.

Don't demean the aspect of vulnerability. Truths are revealed exclusively when your partner feels utmostly vulnerable with you. So if you make fun of or take a dig at your partner for expressing one's true situations or truths or true feelings, then you will never get to face the reality of your partner ever in life. You must respect the genuine vulnerable nature of your partner to expect complete transparency in your relationship.

Don't let other people be the first option for your partner to share one's true feelings or truths. To not, let that happen, make sure you remain available whenever your partner needs you so that, you won't end up as the third person in your relationship.

Don't limit yourself to accepting the completely transparent personality of your partner. If you act well for some truths about your partner's past or present and act completely taken aback by other parts of your partner's life, then it specifies that you can't take some truthful aspects of your partner's life. And this shuts your partner in some parts and you may never comprehend those parts ever in your life. If you love someone truly, then you must accept that person completely no matter what.

Don't be a barrier to your partner's true personality, and this applies to yourself too.

Don't criticize the intensity of other people's true-life scenarios and don't underestimate the power of truth because it leaves you as a person who can't face the reality of truth.

Don't chase behind the truth and let it get revived to you by being patient enough with your partner. Let your partner believe you as a human who can bear the truth the way it is without judging and berating.

Don't be that person who talks or tease or transfers your partner's truth for the sake of fun or any other intention because this alone will allow your partner to lose trust in you and you surely end up in a situation where you never know whether your partner says truth or a lie because no one likes to get played with their truths, especially by their loved ones.

Don't do these if you want your partner to be true to you!

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