Don't be a goat, be the "Goat!"

The title may seem a bit confusing, but it makes sense if you can read between the words as this is just a single phrase that can change your whole thought process about your mindset and your personality. Well, this is not at all about degrading or praising intelligent yet innocent creatures called goats. Many of us are aware of goats: the animals which can climb mountain steeps and graze grass as if they can't find on the grounds. Maybe, grazing on mountain minerals is their fetish, who knows!

Goats are brilliant enough to understand human brains. That is why they can communicate with their masters and convey how they feel too. Isn't it amazing to pet such creatures and in return they give milk, which is treated as medicinal most of the time? They trust their masters way too much, which makes them end up sacrificing their lives for meat and when it comes to Indians, it's almost like fulfilling the thirst of gods and goddesses with the blood of a goat. Doesn't it sound ridiculous? Where all the smartness of a goat vanishes, when it is about to get killed by its own master or someone? This is such a metaphorical scene because the same applies to most of the people who are acting as goats in their real life.

They just follow others blindly and do whatever the other person orders, like grazing the grass on the mountains. It is not the intention of a goat to graze in the mountains. They just follow their caretaker or master and, especially, the goat which leads the group. Following another goat is a goat's ultimate destination. How many of you just do your work for the sake of money, appreciation, status, responsibilities, but not for the sake of satisfaction and happiness? Are you feeling bad for yourself now? Sorry, for comparing you, with a