Does your love support the life you are trying to create?

Do not get confused between life and love-life. There are indeed two different paths that get merged at one point and also get separated at some point. A person can lead a life without having the aspect of love but a person cannot be in love if there is no life in it. Do you agree with it? Then why most of us end up being with so-called loving partners without having a life in such bonds or romantic relationships or commitments? Now, just look into your relationship once, turn back and examine what you are up to. Match your current life with the life you have always dreamed of or wanted to create. You'll get the answer and it is up to you whether you consider it or not!

We all have passions to fulfill and we chase behind our dreams by facing and overcoming a hell lot of struggles. Some cross all those hurdles and become successful in achieving them but some people always fail in their lives no matter how hard they try. Do you know what can be the reason behind those successes and failures of people? The support. Yes, if you think you achieved your goal without taking anyone's support or help, then sorry, you are completely wrong. This world runs on the support systems, physically, emotionally, mentally, technically and financially too. Are you wondering what love has to do with the support system we humans create for each other to excel in life?