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Does 'the end' change if you read the same story again?

You can be optimistic enough to think that you can make changes for a particular story that has already been destined with a particular end, but you can't expect those changes to be reflected in any possible way to give that story the end you designed.

Past relationships may prick a person forever and may also leave some emotional scars in one's romantic life. Hence, the chances are high for that person to think about those relationships and in some weak moments, that person may also think about rejuvenating and replenishing one's past romantic bonds in the expectations of new ends or changes in the past ends.

Trying to get back to exes is one of the common aspects of anyone's dating life scenario but this is also one of the risky moves a person commits in one's romantic life. This whole equation gets complicated and complex enough to handle the emotions and feelings on either side even though one person in a couple is sure enough to amend changes in the relationship to blossom it like before. No matter what, that change of becoming 'before' after a breakup is hardly possible.

If your past relationship story got its end where you and your ex got split up and look out for two opposite directions to travel in your own lives, then thinking about journeying back towards where you split and walking together, gets tricky and tangled. Needless to say that some couples can't bear the distance after they break up and they always try various ways to get back to each other. In mutual cases, this whole process becomes easier when a couple decides to be together regardless of emotional barriers and physical hurdles in life, but what if one person in a couple doesn't want to make changes to 'the end' of your love story?

Feelings become utterly unbearable if they are one-sided, be it before falling in love, during love, or even after falling apart from love. Sometimes it's not just love; it's the person who becomes a habit and when that person acts disinterested in thinking about making changes, then the situation becomes difficult for the other person who tries harder to bring out the new end for one's old story with an abrupt end.

If you have decided to recite the same old story again with the expectation of giving a new end or a happy ending to a messed-up romantic story of yours, then you need to be aware of how your feelings get hurt, tortured, and manipulated in a wrong way. Be prepared with the tears you need to wipe off from your face, be prepared with the insults you need to go through when you face your partner, be prepared with the strange behavior you need to encounter from your partner, and most importantly be prepared with the bitter truth of expecting the same end by crushing your expectations on giving a new end to your old story.

Do you think you feel exactly interesting in reading the same book again after knowing its end? Even though you don't like the end, if a book is done with its story in its chapters, then it comes to an end. Of course, stories have sequels, and you can expect new endings with new plotlines, but what if the story lacks its old fragrance, and what if the story misses out on the true elements of the past story?

It all depends on a couple and their intense feelings for each other. If two people are inseparable from their romantic emotions, the passion of love never vanishes regardless of various breakups. Mutually they come together at one point and start traveling together to make new stories in the form of new journeys which are destined towards new endings. But if one of them lacks passionate feelings for the other person, then no matter how the other person tries to get back to one's partner or ex-partner, he/she/they can never change the ending of the story that has already ended.

Strictly speaking, the end' never changes if you read the same story again. Even though a couple tries to make new beginnings in the expectation of new changes, those old endings never disappear. They always stay in the history of a love story. Some may get ripped off again, and some may get healed completely by leaving a sweet-nothing romantic scar but they always stay. If the breakup is mutual and the couple decides to get back to each other mutually, then the couple can get along with that old end but if one of them doesn't want to get along, then it's better to drop the idea of making changes for that old end. Period!

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