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Does sex promote the connection or placement of the connection?

The question isn't tricky at all, we humans are! The definition of sex is, the same, but people can perceive the same definition in various possible ways. For some it's a bodily pleasure, for a few it's an emotional attachment, for others, it also can be just a stress-relieving act. It depends on how a person views one's sex life. Sex always has something to with connection and all the people who carry that No-strings-attached tag also feels connected with the person they hook up with. Do you know that masturbation can make a person feel connected? Though it is a sexual practice in which one person is enough, he/she still feels the sensual, physical, and emotional connection. We all imagine, look at, think about someone while masturbating. Without a connection, we don't feel aroused, and we don't jerk off or finger ourselves. Sex and connection go hand in hand!

Sex does both, it promotes the connection and also can act as the placement of the connection as a strong substitute. The bitter truth is, it can do both the things for any couple but in different levels of a relationship. Do you think every day will be the same if you step into a relationship or get committed to a person? Hell, no! The constraint of love diminishes slowly, the aspect of responsibility elevates gradually, the trait of sexual attachments fluctuates regularly. So, don't expect your partner to be the same person throughout your relationship.

Are you one among those people, who complain about the amount of love receiving from your partner is getting reduced and it's not being the same as the initial days of your relationship? Wake up, it's high time that you must realize that it will never be the same again because that's how relationships unfold as blossoming flowers and also wrapped up as protective shields. The sexual attachment in a relationship keeps fluctuating from one level to another level of a relationship.

In the initial days of a relationship, two people want to explore every single aspect of each other. They want to spend most of the time together. They don't like to allow a third person in their blooming relationship. At this level, sex becomes rigorous and functional all the time. People don't miss out on a single opportunity to explore their partners' bodies physically. Because at this stage, sex promotes the connection. It makes a person feel comfortable, satisfied, pleasured, and attached to one's partner. Though sex fulfills all the sensual desires, fetishes, and fantasies, it also makes a person feel connected to the other person by default. And if two people are attracted to each other and purposefully want to explore more to get into a committed relationship, sex indeed promotes the connection psychologically and emotionally to motivate them to be together.

After crossing the honeymoon stage of a relationship, things become clear and people get habituated to see, talk, and to live with each other regularly. The level of comfortability increases and the level of awkwardness decreases. At this particular level, sex becomes a daily routine or ritual for a couple. They try to caress and pamper each other physically, to be emotionally attached further. At this level, sex acts as a basic necessity for a couple, like water for the plant, to grow and expand their connection. Exciting things become common and regular. Sex doesn't promote the connection, but it keeps the connection alive and blooming.

After these two levels, a couple comes to a level at which both come to know every single bit of each other, but at the same time, both also try to hide every single difficult aspect which triggers them. Everything becomes excessive, especially in the opposite way. They result in overthinking, over possessiveness, overreacting, miscommunications, misunderstanding, and misleading aspects. The relationship seems tough and inescapable. But most of the couples don't give up. The sexual engagements fluctuate at this level. The connection may travel in a wrong path, and it unleashes the issues regarding ego, individuality, self-respect, and personal space. At this particular level, sex promotes the placement of the connection.

Yes, only sex or lovemaking can do promote a couple to find out the missing piece of the connection. But this can be perceived in two ways. Couples, who want to be together, always try one or the other way to revive that charm in one's relationship. Here, the sexual experiments and sexual adventures come into the picture. Sexual engagements again become rigorous, new, and exciting, to wake up the dormant connection in a couple.

But some couples, they substitute their emotions and feelings with their sexual engagements. Instead of sorting out issues by making conversations, they escape the process by making out in bed just to skip off the unwanted vibes. If this process continues further, a couple may start considering sex as a channel of escaping the feelings. Here the emotions are substituted with sexual needs. Sex becomes a substitute for the connection. Hence, a relationship becomes completely sexual and namesake. Though sex tries to promote the placement of the connection, a couple may not be able to see it and they consider it as a substitute for every single issue, emotion, and feeling.

So, sex always promotes the connection, but it varies from a couple to another couple. It depends on which type of connection; a couple, is exactly looking for. Sex sometimes makes a person think deeply to reconstruct one's personal life. Give it a shot and think which kind of sex are you having with your partner right now and how it's promoting the connection between you!

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