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Does essence of Love changes?

Be happy if this question hasn't ever raised in your mind till date. You may be having the person who loves you all day all night in a same way without degrading the value and flavor of it. But if you have this question in your mind and if you invest more time on searching the answer for this question, you might be the person who has faced a heartbreak or many love failures till date. And yeah, the answer is "No".

But many of us who fail at convincing our partners in love, think that the essence of love always change from time to time. We are very wrong, because there is no room for convincing in the world of love. There are only doors for understanding our partners in Love. We are wrong in the basic concept of Love too. We always consider the emotion and the person as same. But they are quite different. A person can change, but emotion can never change. Hence the essence of love never changes. A Jasmine smells the same in India and also in Africa too. But the intensity of fragrance depends on the person who smell it. Simple!

In the current scenario, the heartbreaks are becoming very common and a person is having many numbers of breakups in one and many relationships too. This makes millennials think that the essence of love changes every day and changes from person to person. And, we slightly tilt towards not believing in Love and hence we prefer Lust over Love. We are having commitment issues. We are not ready for long term and long distance relationships. We hardly trust each other in a relationship. We are ending ourselves more in hookups than candlelight dinners. And we are surely wrong.

We are not considering Essence of Love as an eccentric emotion which is meaningful. We are meaninglessly comparing an emotion with a person. A person cannot be without an emotion, but an emotion can be shown without a person. Breakups. When we break up, we break the whole romantic relationship with a person just because we have issues with a person. But we psychologically treat the whole concept of love as fake. Instead of thinking about the person, we think about the emotion and hence, we come to a conclusion that love sucks and essence of love varies all time.

If that is true, why we fall in love again after breakups regardless the gap between each romantic relationship in our life? If the essence vanishes off, why we still get attached to other people after getting screwed up with a person emotionally? Because, we no more consider the person, we just consider the emotion of Love and if we do that, somewhere in the corner of our hearts, the essence of love still exists and breathing as an expressionless emotion. It's just we take some time to express it after a heartbreak.

Indeed, the name changes in Love, not the essence. We may fall in love with many people till we find our Soulmate and it's healthy too. There is no mistake about it. It's just the name of a person in your life changes but the emotions you feel, the care and protection you give and get, the curiosity of knowing each other still remains the same. After breakups, many of us feel bad and we lose our hope in finding our Soulmates and indeed we think Love is a trash. But indeed we still want someone beside us to stay with us and to cheer us. Then we slowly get drifted from one person to any person. We just need Love and we don't care who would be the person is. This is what the essence of love is. We no more care about changing of persons because we only care about the emotions and feelings.

Hence, after a few bad experiences, the emotional side of a person becomes stronger and can be handle the emotional heartbreaks. That is why some people keep looking for Soulmates till they find and feel comfortable no matter how many failures they face. Essence of Love gives strength to a person to believe in the emotion even though the person get hurt emotionally because of the emotion. That's what real love is all about. A logical magic. You don't have to believe the essence of love, when the time comes, you will feel it. No matter how old you become, at some point of time, you feel so loved or you feel like loving that one person out there who deserves all your emotions.

Essence of Love never changes. Only the person in your Love changes. Keep Loving and please don't give up on the world of Love. Because, only that emotion can keep us breathing and make us a true human.

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