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Does career has anything to do with orientations?

Please observe a two-minute silence for people who think that a person should choose one's career according to one's orientation. Because these dumb people should not exist on this mother earth. No one in this whole world comes from the womb of a mother, with a pre-planned career path and orientation. We, humans, force others to choose particular career paths and sexual orientations that are good for society, not for the self. Especially, a typical Indian family always tries to rub the whole opinions of society, family and friends on a single person (offspring) to fulfill the thirst of bloodsucking society.

What do you think, that a person should choose his career path based on his feelings towards other men or women? This is a very old issue where people have been patiently handling the stupidity of their parents, relatives, and other unnecessary human beings. Previously, most of the Indian career choices are dependent upon the genitals of a person. If it is a baby boy, he will work and if it is a baby girl, unfortunately, she must be forced to marry early, stick to the kitchen and cry till the end of her life. Gradually, the scenario has changed, but not developed. If mothers give birth to a boy, the ridiculous fathers used to decide his career soon after they touch their kids and its the same with girls too. All the boys must go for engineering and girls for medicine. But ultimately, all the penises must work and all the vaginas must sulk and convince one's hormones not to work and just sit at home, serving the penises. Typical India!

Now the scenario got developed, but the mindsets getting degraded day by day. The supreme court of India finally legalized the existence of the LGBTQ community and the romantic relationships between the same sex. And this is a great development in a huge country like India. But, the people still stuck with the mentalities of their stone-age ancestors. Have you ever seen a male nurse in a hospital? It's unimaginable, for being questioned about the sexual orientation as "Gay" every single time he comes across people in his life, just because of his career path. Isn't it ridiculous to think all the male nurses on earth are gays? So, a straight person can never serve in a hospital in the position of a nurse? Are all straight people, only allowed to work in cubicles and construction fields? Is there any rule that straight people must cherish their genitals only in the fields which satisfy their orientations?

Come on, which field or stream or occupation or business, existing on earth, which is strictly confined for a single orientation? Do you think, a homophobic, jump from the running metro train that's been operating by a transgender? Hell no, of course not. Why the orientations and career choices won't come into the picture when it is all about leading a daily life routine? Exactly, why a person has to think so much about other career choices and match their sexual orientations with the work they do if they can't give up on their routines? Because we humans have to poke someone for something which is not at all required and useful for the upliftment of society.

There is no rule that all gays should consider the option of modeling, fashion designing and get into the arts. There are many scientific and technological experts ruling the world who are gay by their sexual orientations. Many Transgenders are sitting in the chairs of law and society development. We are getting protected by many defense guys who are from Army, Navy and Air defense, who are bisexuals to the core (not because they don't get enough time to talk to their girlfriends or wives). A police officer can be a closeted queer person, who knows! But that doesn't mean he should stop his duties and tailor a custom made a dress for the Deepika Padukone right! A lesbian can be a politician ruling a whole state and that has nothing to do with kissing her girlfriend in her home. Your asexual sister or brother can be the one who gets into Indian civil services, now don't think that they can crack, because he or she doesn't have sexual deviations, it's all about their efforts and zeal to serve Indian public. Do you think all the chairs of techie cubicles of Indian software companies are getting warmed by the asses off of only one particular sexual orientation? Not at all, because here the people's minds work to get the outcomes and reach the targets, not their genitals, and their sexual preferences.

A simple thing, a person must notice, which is, no one can ever blend one's personal choices and professional choices. Some are smart enough to make careers out of their interests, but still, they too can never relate their bedtime moments with their office work hours. Because the concept of choosing a career path is completely different from choosing a person to love. Understand the difference!

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