Does career has anything to do with orientations?

Please observe a two-minute silence for people who think that a person should choose one's career according to one's orientation. Because these dumb people should not exist on this mother earth. No one in this whole world comes from the womb of a mother, with a pre-planned career path and orientation. We, humans, force others to choose particular career paths and sexual orientations that are good for society, not for the self. Especially, a typical Indian family always tries to rub the whole opinions of society, family and friends on a single person (offspring) to fulfill the thirst of bloodsucking society.

What do you think, that a person should choose his career path based on his feelings towards other men or women? This is a very old issue where people have been patiently handling the stupidity of their parents, relatives, and other unnecessary human beings. Previously, most of the Indian career choices are dependent upon the genitals of a person. If it is a baby boy, he will work and if it is a baby girl, unfortunately, she must be forced to marry early, stick to the kitchen and cry till the end of her life. Gradually, the scenario has changed, but not developed. If mothers give birth to a boy, the ridiculous fathers used to decide his career soon after they touch their kids and its the same with girls too. All the boys must go for engineering and girls for medicine. But ultimately, all the penises must work and all the vaginas must sulk and convince one's hormones not to work and just sit at home, serving the penises. Typical India!