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Does burying the hatchet helps..?

Some idioms come with bad phrases, but deliver good meanings. And some idioms visible in a way that they are meant to be used for relationships, especially the romantic ones. Exactly like the way, how some breakup stories lead to successful paths. It's all about making peace and moving on. "Bury the hatchet" is also one among them which have the scary words in it, but comes with a sense of making peace. Strange!

Dating scenario nowadays is one of the fastest pacing things which is booming in the world in every possible way. A lot of science and technology has been invested in the current dating scenario to let people search for their sex mates and soul mates easily, indeed everything is at the fingertips. Furthermore, these dating apps are also booming like mushrooms and come in various ways to get various kinds of people according to their preferences and orientations. But, the dating scenario is diluting the concept of Love and hence, people are more worried about breakups than getting worried about staying together in a lovely relationship.

Everything comes with an expiry date, including us. The love remains constant and can never be expired because that's an emotion. It's just we assume that the love gets ended up because of a few arguments and misunderstandings. Hence, we break up. And that's becoming quite common currently and that's how we provide more income to the economies by celebrating break up parties more often. But what happens after a breakup in the love life of a person? A hell lot of chaos. We start behaving differently. Not the way how love transforms us but the way exactly opposite to it.

Though we know that we are committing mistakes and punishing ourselves because of our love of someone else, our inner self won't let us stop the hazardous things we do because instead of love, all the other negative emotions get substituted by then. This is when a person should think about burying the hatchet. Deep inside the core of the earth, we must bury all the negative emotions which we intake right after the breakup in a particular relationship. That is not easy though. One must go through a lot of emotional struggles and self-control one's personality to leave all the lovely memories behind to experience a new life.

There was a lot of emotional drama included for a person to come out of the breakup phase a few years back. But now, everything has changed and fast-moving. Exactly, we are moving on fast in love life. We are hardly taking span of a week to get back to a proper shape and hit the dating scenario with new motives and new preferences. Indeed, we are burying too many hatchets in a span of a year. Yes, we are developing and we proved it by facing a lot of breakups and also handling a lot of chaos gracefully unlike olden days.

Well, in this case, according to the current dating scenario, do you people think that burying the hatchet helps? The answers are not Yes and No. Because the answer is null and void. Because, at the moment, the scenario of love, dating, and relationships became part of our daily lifestyle issues. It's like tasting sweet every day. Imagine, you taste a particularly sweet one day and you feel it taste delicious. Repeat the same every single day. Later, you feel it as a routine, surely not special. Likewise, we people become so habituated with the breakups and moving on phase becomes so easy that we come to a state where we question ourselves the status of our relationship out of an utmost dilemma.

One must experience both good and bad in similar ways. One must feel happy and equally sadness too. That's how we learn and we evolve as humans. Rather than rushing up ourselves to come out of breakups and to move on in life, let us give some time to us to experience the pain and pleasure. These fast pacing dating scenarios doesn't help us at all. They indeed deteriorate the aspect of love in our minds which results in making impulsive decisions in our sensitive love life.

Bury the hatchet and make peace with your ex-partners and be with them whenever they want as a friend, well-wisher or as a stranger who helps a fellow person. Rather than leaving memories and rushing up to make new ones with new people, give yourself some time to think about your past relationship and get apart with your old love on good terms. There is no mandatory to be in contact with them. Just cherish them and say a good goodbye and move on. This way of burying the hatchet helps us to build a stronger relationship with our upcoming partners. Respect yourself and also respect others opinions. At the end of the day, we all belong to each other depending on our deserving capabilities and the bond we share. Make peace and keep Loving!

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