Do you want a handsome daddy?

Have you ever had a crush on your Chemistry professor, and you fantasized about creating an intimate atmosphere around when you both are alone? Have you dreamed of being with any man who is well-aged, good-looking, and charismatic with his salt and pepper look? Is your focus always shifting on the men who are in suits, well mannered, mature, and classy? Do you look at men who are more gray-bearded and experienced? Do you love hanging out with men who are well settled and too chivalrous to you in every possible way? Affirmatively, you are absolutely into hot daddies!

Typically, daddies don't come under one of the gay tribes, but technically, this gay tribe exists and must be appreciated. The word "daddy" specifies the father figure relation but do not go with the relation, go with the experience. Unlike other gay tribes that are based on either body type, hair types, personal interests, this particular gay tribe are the most flexible ones, because anyone can be a gay daddy regardless of body type, hair type, and similar interests. The crucial factor for this gay tribe is age! This doesn't mean all the 50 plus gays must come under this particular gay tribe. The appealing aspect is the flexibility of the age factor in this particular gay tribe! This means a 38-year-old can also be a gay daddy to an 18-year-old twink!