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Do you want a handsome daddy?

Have you ever had a crush on your Chemistry professor, and you fantasized about creating an intimate atmosphere around when you both are alone? Have you dreamed of being with any man who is well-aged, good-looking, and charismatic with his salt and pepper look? Is your focus always shifting on the men who are in suits, well mannered, mature, and classy? Do you look at men who are more gray-bearded and experienced? Do you love hanging out with men who are well settled and too chivalrous to you in every possible way? Affirmatively, you are absolutely into hot daddies!

Typically, daddies don't come under one of the gay tribes, but technically, this gay tribe exists and must be appreciated. The word "daddy" specifies the father figure relation but do not go with the relation, go with the experience. Unlike other gay tribes that are based on either body type, hair types, personal interests, this particular gay tribe are the most flexible ones, because anyone can be a gay daddy regardless of body type, hair type, and similar interests. The crucial factor for this gay tribe is age! This doesn't mean all the 50 plus gays must come under this particular gay tribe. The appealing aspect is the flexibility of the age factor in this particular gay tribe! This means a 38-year-old can also be a gay daddy to an 18-year-old twink!

A gay daddy can be a blend of two or more gay tribes and his age factor makes him a stereotype as daddy. His silvered hair and well-groomed beard portray his well-matured personality in terms of age. Many gays find the age factor as a turn off as they mention in their dating profiles that they don't strike conversations with men more than particular age constraint, say more than 40. But only a few know the value of a bottle of old wine and those few gay men can get along with gay daddies.

Some people typically judge that gay men who are aged more than the forties and fifties, act desperate and want to get into the pants of whomever they find. Sadly, they might have gotten into some hidden perverts who weren't receiving any action from their wives. But, if you consider such pricks and generalize this valuable gay tribe, you will never get along with people when you hit the forties and fifties! Do you remember, every gay man must be a gay daddy? Aging never stops and that's the beauty of being a gay daddy!

If you are a person who embraces the fact of aging and its consequences, then you are the right person for being a gay daddy and also to be partnered with a gay daddy. Very few people can appreciate wrinkles and baldness. But gay dads are not only the ones who are wrinkled and balded. There's a lot on the plate. Have you ever seen Ryan gosling with his grayish hair? Do you know the Tamil superstars Ajith and Madhavan? How about, Milind Soman, a popular model? If you don't, then google them; you will get to know how hot, the aged men look with their salt and pepper statements.

Gay daddies are matured enough, not only with age but also with experiences and a hell lot of encounters throughout life with various men. Hence, if you think that they are dumb or desperate, it's you who would be portrayed as dumb. They are well mannered at least the age factor causes them, behave sensibly with utmost patience and tolerating capacities. So, they expect minimum manners and charming personalities from others, especially the ones they want to get along with. So, be interesting and act mature if you want to hang out with gay daddies and most importantly be yourself.

Gay daddies in the current scenario are the ones who got ultimately oppressed and left out because of their sexual orientation. Back then, the scenario wasn't the same as of now. So, they are the ones who can understand and value of being one's self. Because they knew that they couldn't be themselves when they were younger, due to societal and family pressures. They may act restricted and a little old school, but that's their nature. You need to be prepared to handle it with grace if you are strikingly a younger gay guy.

Gay daddies are not only the men who are once got married to women and divorced them to lead the rest of their life as gay by coming out of the closet. This is a myth that an aged gay man must be the one who is widowed or divorced. Take that out of your mind. Most of the men in this tribe are the ones who have appreciated their sexual orientation since ages and they age like old wine, classy and fabulous.

Gay daddies can be gay bears, gay chubs, gay otters, gay jocks. As mentioned earlier this gay tribe is the most flexible one without rules and regulations. You can find a gay daddy with a smooth body, hairy body, long silver hair, balded with a heavy beard, muscular, athletic, lean, or else even chubby. There are no particular body, hair, and personality constraints. But these men are the ones who come under the age constraint from 40 to 65. They are aged, but that doesn't mean their backs are bent. They can be extremely stunning and fashionable, walk with great posture, and make you drool over them like crazy. Therefore, do not underestimate them!

All the gay men in the community must get inspired by these gay daddies who maintain well and carry their personalities with utmost grace. They are the ones who are better experienced. Especially, when it comes to bed. You will be amazed at their moves. Yes, most of the gay daddies are pros in bed. They can make you extremely satisfied in at least one aspect, be it kissing, blow jobs, rim jobs, or wild penetrations. Experience matters, this is why many homosexual men show interest in gay daddies for exploring their sensual side!

Altogether, Gay daddies like to hang out, meet, date, and be with a man who is interesting, inspiring, adventurous, exciting, simple, classy, well behaved, adorable, well maintained, and most importantly, the ones who bring smiles on their faces! Next time if you bump into a gay daddy, try to check him out with a sophisticated yet naughty pick-up line! Even though it fails, they can comprehend your intentions, because they are just wholesome!

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