Do you think you can handle an athletic activist lesbian?

Before concluding, let us just go through the reality behind this blended lesbian tribe! There is no mandate that a tribe must be segregated on one particular basis like on body type, hair type, interests, or preferences. Who said females aren't powerful? You will be shit scared if you can manage to examine the eyes of the Goddess Kali. So, if you think you are courageous enough to underestimate a woman, then it's high time you must observe those perfectly built women marching on the streets fighting against all the odds for social justice! You will acquire a clear idea about how a woman can transform the scenario!

Such intense yet ferocious women come under this very lesbian tribe in which the females are with athletic bodies and activist minds. Isn't it a crazy combination to sweep off all the stereotypes, hypocrites, homophobes, and most importantly ignorant crowd? They are extremely capable of conveying their fitting replies to everyone who tries to criticize lesbians, oh wait, all the females indeed!

Activists are rebellious fighters who always live on the edge of life to get into unnecessary issues and look out for opportunities to pitch their voices against any kind of misleading event! Well, if you have this definition in your mind about activism, then you can never get along with activist lesbians. Because they are way beyond your narrow definition. They are broad-minded, they only fight and raise their voice when necessary and on top of everything, they try to sort things out as a primary task. These are the proud souls who work hard enough to make the whole community feel proud! Never overlook one thing, because of these very activist lesbians who fought against homophobia and for the normality of homosexuality, you are happily breathing now as a proud lesbian!

Athletic lesbians are the most tempting ones because of their perfectly shaped yet well-maintained bodies. Workouts are their priorities. Who doesn't admire a fit woman who leads a properly scheduled and groomed lifestyle? Their competitive spirit is the most appealing in these women and others love and indeed try hard to get along with them. Other lesbians look out to these athletic lesbians for proper motivation and inspiration about life and body. They never run out of theories and logical facts. You come up with a question, and they answer you back with proper proofs and statistics. Being a beauty with the brain is the main motto of any athletic lesbian.

So what's the common thing between these two types of lesbians? Many things, but to mention in a single phrase, athletic activist lesbians are confident, courageous, and caring women! We humans are different. We search for things and we become naive when they appear in front of us! Exactly, women in the lesbian community also do the same thing. Though they search for these qualities of an ideal woman in their partners, when they get them, they act completely different.