Do you think dating two people at a time leads to Double-crossing?

The terms like Double dating, Double bitching, Double-crossing are mostly heard in the current dating scenario where millennials are screwing up their dating life with these experimental double-minded games with their two-faced attitudes. The funny part is all these terms specify the number two, but includes three or more people in the act. People in the current dating scenario are more flexible and also more fluctuated in terms of dating their partners. Everyone likes experimenting with others rather than being emotionally connected with them. On the other side, some over-emotional people losing themselves in getting emotionally connected with two or more people at the same time.

Nowadays, the scenario of dating comes in various steps. The sequence goes from seeing, filtering, dating, committing, breaking and seeing again. This is how the dating cycle is working these days. Unfortunately, the real confusion starts in the very initial step where a person sees others to match the compatibility levels with others to go further in a dating process. Currently, this process is quite a boom in the virtual world, where everyone can see others on a smartphone and take decisions within seconds by just swiping left or right or just ignoring or approaching with a lame Hello.

Generally, in this millennial era, people are selecting their about to be partners through scrolling their bios mentioned in their dating profiles and they are going further according to the compatibility levels. But for an interesting person, the approaches are always quite high, which leads to confusion at the end. Because, like an IIT aspirant, we always get confused seeing various options that resemble similar to each other. Sometimes, the answer is just one option but unfortunately, sometimes the answers, maybe two or more of a single question. Likewise, in many of our dating lives, we find many people who match our mindsets and our preferences and hence, we end up with hell lot of options (only if you are smart enough to handle the traffic). This is when the real confusion starts.