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Do you think dating two people at a time leads to Double-crossing?

The terms like Double dating, Double bitching, Double-crossing are mostly heard in the current dating scenario where millennials are screwing up their dating life with these experimental double-minded games with their two-faced attitudes. The funny part is all these terms specify the number two, but includes three or more people in the act. People in the current dating scenario are more flexible and also more fluctuated in terms of dating their partners. Everyone likes experimenting with others rather than being emotionally connected with them. On the other side, some over-emotional people losing themselves in getting emotionally connected with two or more people at the same time.

Nowadays, the scenario of dating comes in various steps. The sequence goes from seeing, filtering, dating, committing, breaking and seeing again. This is how the dating cycle is working these days. Unfortunately, the real confusion starts in the very initial step where a person sees others to match the compatibility levels with others to go further in a dating process. Currently, this process is quite a boom in the virtual world, where everyone can see others on a smartphone and take decisions within seconds by just swiping left or right or just ignoring or approaching with a lame Hello.

Generally, in this millennial era, people are selecting their about to be partners through scrolling their bios mentioned in their dating profiles and they are going further according to the compatibility levels. But for an interesting person, the approaches are always quite high, which leads to confusion at the end. Because, like an IIT aspirant, we always get confused seeing various options that resemble similar to each other. Sometimes, the answer is just one option but unfortunately, sometimes the answers, maybe two or more of a single question. Likewise, in many of our dating lives, we find many people who match our mindsets and our preferences and hence, we end up with hell lot of options (only if you are smart enough to handle the traffic). This is when the real confusion starts.

It is okay to be confused sometimes because if we focus on our preferences and people's behavioral patterns we can easily get connected to the person whom we like the most. But some smart butts try to act smart and try to be with more than one person which is also okay until and unless one breaks others' hearts. Out of confusion or utmost clarity, a person can get into a physical and emotional relationship with two people at the same time. This means, a person can date two people at a time and some heartless souls can share their heart rooms with too many people. Probably, they believe in polygamous relationships.

Switching on to the people who date two different persons at the same time end up creating a lot of mess. In this scenario, three people get involved. One person is common who must be very good at managing things in and around him/her just to appreciate both physical and emotional desires. Everything will be good till the relationship is just physical and the whole drama starts when things get a bit personal and emotional. At the end of the day, if you see each other for more than a month, talk to each other every single day, get physical every now and then, things will surely get emotional at one point of time and at that time, one can't resist one's self to commit to the person one sees emotionally.

Hence, dating two people at the same time starts with an emotional connection. There is no wrong in it if a person has clarity about himself and the people whom he/she dating. Some people confess the same with their partners. Some would be agreeing to this and some won't and can't accept the fact of being the third wheel in a relationship. The real problem lies in those people who won't be transparent enough to their partners regarding their two-timing dating life. Hence, these people become a huge problem for themselves and also to others.

The double-crossing is one offensive word, where a person would be treated as a cheater or a person who deceives others with his/her two-timing statements. The link between those statements would be always missing and exactly this happens when a person dates two different persons and their personalities. Everything will be different. Their nature, attitudes, likes, dislikes, behaviors, sometimes places, and many other constraints. Imagine how difficult handling two different persons at the same time by a single person. But this comes with that one person's choice of dating two people at a time.

Yes, the statements of that one person gets clashed every single time with both his/her dating partners. Sometimes there will be a lot of confusion and sometimes there will be a crystal clear clarity. Some people mess things and end up alone, even though they do two-timing with two people and some people happily continue lying to their partners about his/her wishes or desires just to enjoy more. These sorts of bastards are the real reasons for diluting the concept of dating in the millennial era by double-crossing with various people. They think they are smart enough to deal with two persons at a time, but they end up breaking the hearts of those two persons who think that they are the only ones in the dating life of those bastards.

Two-timing never works. In the end, you will become a fool if you think you are over smart enough to date too many people at a time. And if you want to see or date two persons at a time, let them know how you are feeling towards them and explain your way of dating them and being with them. Transparency always brings miracles in dating life. Who knows, they may accept your proposal of dating multiple partners at a time. If you don't confess what's running in your mind, you end up disturbing the peace in and around you with your silly dating experiments. So, do not get into double-crossing in your dating life. It may affect you so badly in every possible way.

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