Do you like to ride on a booster seat?

Are you crazy about rides? Do you like riding fast or slow? What kind of seat do you prefer to experience long rides? Surely, not asking about car rides because this isn't any automobile blog which suggests you regarding the seating of your cars. This is all about sex rides. Good to know that your dirty minds work smart. To satisfy one's sex drive, a person needs to focus on sex rides. And to have a sensual sex ride, one must be able to get a perfect booster seat to enjoy those rides for longer spans!

Do you have any idea about booster seats? These are the ones that can be placed on an already fixed seat for extra support. Usually, these seats add comfort with perfect cushioning for a person. Booster seats aren't only for kids but are also for people who want to get adjusted to the seat height in a car. This allows a person to maintain a proper height and cushioning to have a happy drive. Well, now these lines sound like an automotive blog. Don't worry, we are reaching the point. Sex can be inspired by everything in and around a person, from nature, surroundings, and in this case, even vehicles too!

The booster seat is an anal sex position that is completely inspired by the cushioning and comforting ability of an extra seat in cars. It sounds erotically cheesy, but that's how sex works, a person can get inspired from anything to get into another person physically and sensually. Regardless of the genders and orientations, this sex position can be performed by any couple but mostly, gay couples play an active role in including this particular sex position in their sex plays!

Only a gay top can say how it feels likes to penetrate an ass which is fluffy and can be adjusted at a perfect height and the perfect angle to reach the prostrate of his partner. This position is hardly about gay tops or the people who penetrate their partners anally. Because this position completely depends on the people who get penetrated or gay bottoms. Here, the gay tops are the riders and gay bottoms are the booster seats!

In a gay couple, the pose of the gay top remains standing throughout the position, whereas the gay bottom remains in half squat or sitting position. The booster seat is all about adjusting the perfect angle for the penetration. Here the half-squat position of the gay bottom helps to fluff up the butt cheeks and to spread the ass wider for smooth penetrations.

A gay bottom must choose a platform to hold on to his sitting position properly. So, if you are a gay bottom or a person who gets penetrated then climb up on a bed or table or couch and make a half-squat position whereas your partner must stand on the floor or ground to penetrate you anally in that particular position. Make sure that you hold your position by having a proper grip by placing your hands on a wall or by handling the edges of a table or by leaning on the couch heads.

To increase the intimate intensity, a gay bottom can place his hands on the hips of a gay top by lowering them behind. This allows a couple to have that skin to skin contact throughout the position and also allows a gay bottom to have a hold on to his partner's waist to make him penetrate properly. This booster seat position can help both the partners to ride each other mutually too. A gay top can become wild by penetrating his partner by placing his hands on the shoulders of his partner to maintain the perfect angle, gap, and regular penetrations. Similarly, a gay bottom can also ride his partner by using his boosted up fluffy butt cheeks!