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Do you have feelings for too many people??

And if you have, never restrict them and also never feel that you are being abnormal, weird, greedy, annoying or unstable, because it is a common factor in every person. It's just some people won't reveal because of their commitments and some people showcase them by being transparent enough regarding their feelings and emotions. Most importantly, if you think people who believe in polygamy or polyamorous relationships, will have feelings for too many people, then you would be proven wrong. If you are into monogamy or just in the case committed to a single person for whole life, check yourself before spilling your opinions. Don't you think that you might have fallen for your current partner after failing with other people? Don't you think you must consider those feelings??

Now, all the people who get offended will stop reading this blog further. But if you are continuing it, which means you do have feelings for more than one person. Don't worry, this is fine. Regardless of the reasons behind marrying too many people, men have been allowed to have feelings for too many other women since ages. Now that, the scenario has developed gradually, it is a good thing that even women, can happily feel and be with more than one man in their lives. Come on, this is common because we are humans and our feelings are never unstable and only restricted one particular thing. Aren't they?

Though there is a huge escalation in the mindsets of people, we still face too much of criticism if we ever come out expressing our love for more than one person. If we see three people at the same time, a man would be considered as a playboy and a woman would be considered as a whore, which is too demeaning and backward. As we stepped in a new decade with a hope of change in society, we must stop bothering people who deal with too many under the name of love and also we must stop getting bothered by people and their judgmental criticism.

What is dating according to you? What is love according to you? Is there any rule, that a person can only love one person for the whole life? Well, not everyone can be Lord Rama and at the same time, people should consider the stories of Lord Krishna and his 8 wives and 16000 lovers with whom, the supreme god has shared his love in an undivided way. And to put this in your notice, these two are the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. I just want to make my point that even mythologies never mentioned that love should be restricted to one person. Yes, love should be given to one person in an undivided way with utmost focus and attention but no one has ever said that it can't be shared with too many people.

And if you still think, it is unnatural, then why do we feel for too many people in a single lifetime? Because that's human and natural. Dating is a process of selecting one person whom we can mingle with by being our self without compromising. In this process, we are ought to feel for more than one person, sometimes three and sometimes uncountable people. We share our tastes, preferences, likes, dislikes and in most of the cases, we even share our beds for a certain period. Ultimately, some of us can be able to select one person to share his/her whole life with a dream partner.

There is no rule everyone must think in the same way. Hence, there exists a certain set of people, who feel difficult in choosing one person, because they fall for too many people and they want to just try their life by handling all of them by managing and giving attention to every one of them. Though the emotion of love can be divided with undivided attention, those feelings are also considered as pristine and full of chaste. Because Love is love at the end of the day, no matter how many people involved. Some hide their feelings in their hearts and won't reveal them which leads them to forcefully get committed to one single person. But, trust me, that relationship is never gonna last forever. Because we can never hide feelings forever.

We feel nauseous, confusing, demeaning, degrading, disturbing, frustrated, excited, anxious and some people ultimately slip into depression which is the worse. Yes, dealing with a single person is a difficult thing, imagine the calamity of dealing too many people at the same time with the same amount of love and with the utmost confusion of whom to love more. This gets too intense if you don't act on it properly. Of course, we feel loving and being loved by all the people, but priorities and the nearest possibilities of leading a happy and satisfying life can be only seen with a few of them. When you get clarity about a few people out of too many, then you must communicate with every one of them regarding your feelings and your love. Trust me, people who understand you will stay with you no matter what. If they don't, they just leave and you have no right to stop them because there is no rule that everyone should be like you.

Only proper communication and having proper understanding partners can let you love people the way you want to love. Remember, if you are one among them, who still have feelings for too many people, express those feelings to every one of them, because this process will make you understand the people you love and your emotions too. In the end, you may either get into polygamy or you may also end up being with a single person by changing your opinions or you may else end up being single who has the freedom to love whomever he/she wants. Keep this in your mind, every option has one common thing, LOVE!

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