Do you fall in love after sex?

This question is exclusive to those queer people who can't and won't decide their emotional status without experiencing physical contact. Strictly speaking, though we all the queer people shout aloud the slogans which say "Love is Love," we still run behind the sex part. Sexual orientations are not only about choosing sex partners out of preferences, but they are also more than just an intimate affair a body needs. The question produces two tones for two kinds of people. The ones who easily fall in love with every intimate partner, he/she gets physical and the ones who don't want to fall in love with any person until and unless they find that particular person is good in bed physically. Isn't it relatable?

"The queer community is mostly all about the sex and the sexual attractions", the statement which most of the people outside of the community throw at us. After the introduction of these dating turned hookup apps, the love scenario got diluted. Hookups are still becoming the first preferences than casual dates for many people. The pathetic part is 60% of people are not for the community and from the community. They simply try their luck to get some action with the true queers out there. At least this is the current scenario in India. Unfortunately, all the queer people, knowingly and unintentionally getting targeted for sexual hunger under the name of love.

Falling in love with every sexual partner portrays your weak personality. Blending emotions with pleasures is one mistake everyone commits in the initial stages with an unknown person. Gaining proper clarity about what you want and what others want will make you believe the real scenario around you. Some people easily fall for others after a good physical intimacy and tag it as love. Indeed, it is not. It's just you like the sex part much. Will you be the same person if your hookup partner fails in satisfying you in bed? Sincerely, you just walk away and hardly give a damn about that partner. It's just your body needs the same pleasure every day and by labeling it as love, you think way too much to screw your life. Because it is easy for people to take advantage of you and your so-called assumptive love!

Some people think they are smart. Hence, they don't talk about commitments or any sort of term that includes emotions and love. These are the ones who judge others' eligibility for loving through sex. Strictly, these are the dumbest ones. Come on, matching a permanent emotion of love with temporary sexual pleasure is completely irrelevant. It's a pity that some people among us, belong to this category. Have you ever been on a casual date, but ended up being in bed with that person? After delivering a so-so performance, had you got played by not receiving a message or a call again from that person? Well, you met the person who judged your physical intimacy skills. Instead of wasting time worrying about the person, just feel relieved. People like this, they end up with a hot sexual partner who can give everything they want in bed but also who treat them like slaves or machines without any emotional bond. Ultimately, they neither receive sex nor love. Simple!

And next comes another category in which people have sex multiple times with the same person and gradually fall in love with the same person. Have you ever fallen in love with one of your affairs or friends with benefits or a person whom you treated as just a sexual partner? Sex surely has the power of getting into the nerves of a person with whom we get physically engaged. But it manipulates a person and makes him/her take a physical bond as an emotional one. Compatibility lies in the aspects of understanding, communicating, and adjusting to each other. It doesn't rely on sexual pleasures, multiple orgasms, or the best sex ever. Sometimes we act like a different person in front of our best sexual partners. This difference gradually turns out to be a fake emotion of love, care, and affection. Have you heard about the phrase "fake it till you make it"? Without any external influence, sensual psychology gets transformed into an emotional connection. You may get offended. But this scenario happens to most of the people who fall in love after having the best sex sessions multiple times with the same person.

This psychological change won't be visible until you encounter some discrepancies, differences, and disturbances in your relationship. Our constant likeness for the aspect of sensual contact and fulfilled sexual pleasures with the same person make us feel connected without anyone's or one's involvement. It just happens and the sex part keeps manipulates you. These are various kinds of relationships we see in the current dating scenario which are purely based out of the constraint of sex. Falling in love after having sex and falling in love before having sex, shows a massive difference in life and the emotional connection between life partners. Faking is one important thing you find. You don't have to fake yourself to be with a person you love regardless of how bad you are in bed but the relationships based on sex, people keep on faking each other by showering love just to have sex regularly and try harder to keep up the mark in satisfying each other physically so that the other person won't break the relationship. Period.

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