Do it for someone else...

Well, when the whole world is always behind telling you to do for yourself, are you wondering why we are telling you to do it for someone else? Because in the queer community, doing it for ourselves is equally important to, doing it for someone else. What's that "it'? That particular it, includes everything which allows a person to stay happy and satisfied with one's orientation.

How many of you truly believe whatever you do to make yourself happy is making others happy? Of course, other's happiness must be always less prioritized, if not we lose ourselves and indeed our happiness in the process of making others happy. But what if those others include the people you love in every possible way. What if that other person is your partner or someone whom you love the most and get loved back equally and unconditionally?

In the process of satisfying our egos, we are losing the conscience of romanticism in a relationship. In the process of satisfying some unimportant others, people lose the important ones in their life. Especially when a person is closeted in the queer community. Leading a life in a closeted way is difficult because a person has to do many things that satisfy everyone around him but truly hurt the one he/she is in love with. This is a common story between a couple in which one is closeted and the other is open!