Disparaging Predicaments...

As I have mentioned in my earlier blog about how to shun judgmental criticism which we face every single day. Being rebellious and shunning judgments are kind of breezy and effortless, but at the same time one can never get the mindset of the fellow person. Because, one must have to remain patient and silent for some moments to scrutinize the substantial mindset of the other person. Here I followed the same procedure to determine the mindsets of people who judged me during my stay in Delhi. Here are the few incidents, I have personally confronted by people around me while they were keenly interested in judging me.

The other day, I have accomplished roaming the whole Connaught place, after attaining a lot of unnecessary attention to my dressing style and the way I was. After that, I have courted metro to reach Saket for dinner. I was with my friend, fancying the metro travel by reading the Pocket Rumi. I found three working class sophisticated yet ignorant men sitting right in front of me. They have been staring at me incessantly. I was kind of habituated and didn't bother about it much. I totally immersed myself into Rumi. I could hear them while they were commenting on my dressing style. They were talking about it aloud and people around us also could hear the judgmental conversation. When I gave a look at them, they stopped for a while. But, they ridiculously started the topic of Gayness in Delhi and how their daughters hang out with gay guys. I didn't interrupt them at that time, as I wanted to heed their conversations purposefully.

Among three, one person has initiated saying that "Gay people have loud personalities and they show off every now and then, to say that they are gay and sound girlish to the core which is unnecessary," which clearly shows his tiny personality. While he was completing his idiotic phrase, another one has interrupted him, saying, "When talking about being girlish, my daughter have a few gay friends in her college and she feels safe hanging out with them and they are also good in creative side". Listening to his phrase, I gave a sober smile at him as I literally got connected for the words Safe and Creative. By the end of their talks, I came to know that the Delhi crowd has mixed opinions on the LGBT community. It was such a good start for me to keep myself a low profile of my rebellious side to get content from these Metropolitan mindsets.

What else, someone need or ask for more than the safety of a woman in this current scenario. Indeed, it should be the most prioritized one. Out of 100 percent, 93% women, feel safe, secure and pampered when they hang out with gay guys and the remaining 7% are confused and homophobic.

After that roughest night in Delhi, I was settling myself with locations and people. The day next to that night, I wanted to come out of the situation and restart mu research. I wrote a few articles without moving anywhere while drinking a hell lot of Cranberry Iced teas in my favorite Chai Point cafe in Connaught place. Obviously, after drinking a lot of liquid, I had to leak. Hence, I went to one of those neat and clean Public toilets of Delhi. There I found a few men who literally proved me that they still had those left over monkey minds of the human evolution. When I was stepping inside, this bunch of monkey minds, literally sounded terrible. They mentioned that the place was restricted to men and Ladies weren't allowed. After a lot of writing, I became numb in the brain and have walked away. Those monkeys were laughing aloud. I couldn't be able to discern what has just happened exactly.