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Dirty phrases for gay tops to entice bottoms...

Talking dirty isn't a big task for gay tops as they know how to flirt in a sensual, romantic, erotic, and dirty way to get their bottom partners to engage with them sexually. But some gay tops boast about their sensual verbatim and display their know-it-all personalities which sometimes make one's partner feel too much to digest. Dirty talks must be dealt with utmost ease and one must have control over the phrases and the respective situations. Words have the power to entice any kind of person to get into sensual moods but using them according to the person's personality, situation, and the phases of sex are more important to hit the erotic side of a person.

Do you know that various dirty sexual phrases are used according to the various phases of sex like before, during, and after the sex sessions? You can't use irrelevant phrases in unrelated situations, right? Gay couples have anal sex which is painful but also gives immense pleasure but to ease the pain constraint, a gay top can divert it by talking erotically with his bottom partner to tease him and relax him to have an intense intimate session. Gay bottoms like to hear a lot from their partners instead of just penetrating like an artificial dildo. Dirty talk is also one kind of communication, which makes a couple get into each other, feel comfortable, and relax more to explore each other's sensual moods.

Seducing is a constant thing in an intimate session, but the level of seduction must be high before the sex and it can only happen by exhibiting your skin or teasing with your mysterious clothing or with a few dirty phrases when you are in public or having phone sex or sexting. You must always use the art of dirty talk to entice your bottom partner, and this happens when you leave your shy personality aside and open up a bit to expose your erotic emotions.

I can't wait to taste you.

You are looking too hot, and I'm not able to remain calm.

I want to feel the warmth inside you.

If there's no one here, I rip your clothes off to bang you bad.

Wish you are naked right now.

Do you want to guess what I'm wearing right now?

I'm wondering about the color of your jockstraps or thongs?

I'm going to tie you up and eat you.

You are making me feel so hard.

Just looking at you makes me horny.

Foreplay is kind of important and if you are a gay top, who keeps skipping this part and hits straight to the genital penetration, then you are missing a lot. And if you are a gay top who is greedy in receiving but a disaster in giving, you need to open your mind and mouth, to give your partner the blow job or rim-job, whichever he prefers. So, to get the sensual environment under control, whisper some dirty phrases in the ears of your partner to gradually get into the foreplay acts and use them while you are shifting from one oral sex position to the other.

You got a bubbly ass baby!

Oh, fuck! That hole expresses a hell of a lot of things!

Man, that's one thing I want to explore with my tongue!

You taste so good.

Your cheeks are wiggling and I love it.

Do you want to spread more so that I can lay my wide tongue on you?

You are making me crazy with your body.

Do you want to get filthy down there?

You are such a badass bitch!

Dirty talks don't have to demean the personality of a person. They can be subtle and sexy at the same time. Some gay tops go wilder during the phase of penetration, and they want to try various positions and explore various sexual fetishes and fantasies. But all these can happen when you make your partner feel comfortable, connected, related, and motivated to tag along with your sexual adventures. Some erotic conversations with a few dirty phrases make your partner feel relaxed and let him open up a bit more.

I want to get inside of you so bad. (whisper this basic yet intense phrase when you are about to get done with your oral sex session)

My dick needs shelter in your butthole! (wink wink)

You like that, don't you? (It's kind of etiquette to know how your partner feels.)

You've been a naughty boy.

No one makes me feel like you do. (please do you use on your partners and not on your hookup partners or flings, they surely won't believe you.)

I want you to beg for it. ( use it while teasing)

I want to go wild.

Ride me crazy!

Shall we have sex in this position forever?

Spread it more baby!

Feeling good being inside of you.

I love it when I fuck you like a slut.

You are making me all sweaty.

This is the best workout and you are helping me to get into shape!

I want to cum inside you.

Do you want a facial with my man milk?

It's fucking awesome.

Just because you attain your orgasm doesn't mean you need to get up and get dressed like a moron. Maintain some sensual decorum and let your partner climax first and, unfortunately, if you climax first, then wait till your partner reaches his orgasmic nirvana. And there are a few phrases which you must use after having sex whether it's bad or good. It leaves an impression in a person's mind about your personality. You need to be dirty and sensual all the time. If your load is out, that doesn't mean you become a saint again. So, yeah maintain your sexy personality and use these phrases.

It was so satisfactory to explore you inside out.

I felt awesome and stress-relieved when I was inside you.

You made me orgasm so hard.

I keep daydreaming about last night.

I'm ready for round two if you are. (wink wink)

That was overwhelming.

One of the best experiences I have ever had. (make sure you use this on a truly deserving person, not on everyone.)

I can still feel the entire you. (say it, with full of love to your partner to make him feel loved.)

Don't be shy and don't be too disgusting too. Maintain the balancing act while expressing your erotic emotions in the form of these dirty phrases. Your bottom partners love to receive compliments from you. So, blend those compliments with your teasing phrases to entice them sensually and to explore them sexually. Knowing these phrases is easy, but using them with proper timing is a real task. What are you waiting for? Sum up your emotions to give a spicy touch to these phrases to seduce your sex partner to enjoy an intense intimate session!

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