Different or Entirely different...

There's a considerable difference between liking only dark chocolate and not liking the concept of chocolate completely. One portrays love limitedly, and the other one depicts hatred. Little things matter, if not they could become inescapable hurdles, especially in a person's romantic life. During the phase of dating, the things that matter less may turn out to be deep loopholes during the phase of a committed relationship. This thin line difference between choosing a partner who is different from you and choosing someone entirely different may cost a person's life in every possible way.

Most commonly, couples talk about their similarities in their initial phases of dating, they try to know each other's deeper interests in those similarities and they get along with the positive aspects of similarities by completely overlooking the prominent component of knowing each others' differences. Indeed, two people must talk about their differences more than their similarities, because those differences make those two people understand whether they have different preferences or else have entirely different personalities.

Simply, you can share your bed with someone who likes to have sex after making a connection but you can never share intimacy with a person who doesn't prefer sex at all. Don't you think your life would be a living hell if you miss out on this huge difference? Woefully, many couples commit this grave mistake and get into serious relationships; sadly, some of those couples can't even get out of such relationships because of various possible reasons. One wrong move may lead your romantic life in a completely different direction.