Die before Death...

No one is sure about a new life when someone dies physically, but one must be sure about himself tasting a new life after dying emotionally plenty of times in a life span. Because, a person is always immortal emotionally which means he can die and give a birth to his new life before dying physically. The title of this article is about emotional death before physical death. Indeed, it's all about a strong word called "Change".

By now, you would really get connected to your old selves which has already died because of various reasons, be it people, situations, career choices, marital status and many unfortunate and purposeful decisions too. Are you that person who used to be a spendthrift and hardly care about bucks, but giving a damn about every single penny to buy a new house to maintain a basic marital life now? Well, we are thousands of us stuck up in this societal cycle of leading a complete life. But in the process of thinking to lead a complete life, some are becoming lifeless. Yes, that old person who used to buy shit carelessly dies and gives birth to a new life with new manners and new ethics. That's how a person evolves in one's own life by dying hell lot of times. And it's always good until and unless we are not giving a tough time to others and ourselves too.

The fact is if you want to face newness in your life, you must die emotionally and mentally because that's when you get a chance to explore the new YOU and introduce your newness to the world for better endeavors. In that case, have you ever died? At least, have you ever tried dying? Or are you afraid of dying because you are confused about the change in you? Or are you scared to face the criticism from people's judgmental looks? Do you want to die before death?

Yes, everyone wants to. Who doesn't like tasting a new item on the table? It's just people are confused whether it tastes good or bad, whether it's allergic or addictive, whether it's affordable or cheap? Exactly, like a new recipe we are about to taste, the change in our behavioral patterns and ethics also makes us feel confused and at times scared too. But that's how it is. Changes are never easy to deal. They must be habituated and take into the deeper layers of our skin. At the end of the day, Change helps you discover your personality.

In most of the cases, they lead us to a better life and better places, though they kill our older version of ours. But in some cases, they totally make a person drift away from his path which may lead to physical death without giving another change to die emotionally and mentally. This is when a person should use the weapon called "Self Control". That's totally a different scenario to deal. Let's just stick to the optimistic side of emotional death as of now.

Death can be treated in an optimistic way, if it totally makes you a new person in every possible aspect. Some may die in a dowdy way to give birth to his/her diva personality with a new fashion transformation. Some may face the death of his ignorant mind to witness his new open minded behavior. Some may totally transform from rags to riches by facing the death of financially poor self to face an elite and elegant life. Like these, there are many ways people die before their physical deaths and they evolve by giving birth to themselves whenever required.

For most of the people, emotional deaths are quite eye openers. Because, you get to know about the people, their behavior of people when you have everything and when you have nothing. You also get to know the deeper meanings of the situations you face with or without your beloved ones/ well wishers/ protectors. In some sensitive cases, a physical death of a person leads to an emotional death of another person. Like, how mother/children has to take the whole responsibility of the family post the death of the head of the family. This one situation totally changes the whole scenario. Some totally bury their luxurious life and lead a normal life forever and this results in death of an emotional side of a person, which also results in new emotional person.

This also happens in Love too. Breakups are like emotional deaths. They always transform a person into a new one by bagging the old painful experience for whole life. Regardless, good or bad, the change after breakups is inevitable. A person can totally become a new person after a break up and also after getting into love with someone. Either way, this emotion of love brings out a new person by killing the old person with old traits and behaviors.