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Danseur.... -NSFW 

Do you know the meaning of Danseur? Repeat the word for few more times. You will get an answer for yourself. Yes, it sounds something related to Dance right. Well, Danseur means a Male Ballet Dancer. Ballet is the one dance form in which a person needs utmost flexibility and balancing capabilities to perform an act. The precision in each and every step plays a prominent role in this dance form. Standing and twirling on toes, raising the legs to the maximum height is sort of the basic steps in Ballet.

Are you wondering why am I stressing about the Ballet dance form? Well, the title specifies "Danseur", which mean a male ballet dancer. There is also one sex position that is named after Danseur. Yes, Danseur is one of the anal sex positions in gay sex life. This is the most artistic form of sex position among all gay sex positions. This is also one of the intense sex positions.

Danseur is an anal sex position where both the partners must be flexible enough to perform the sexual act. This is the position in which the bottom guy raises one of his legs in a way his butt hole can be penetrated by top guys dick from downwards. This particular position can be performed from both back and front side too. Because it's all about spreading the legs in a flexible way to get penetrated into one another.

This is a standing sex position which means the partners must be standing on the floor by taking support of each other or any other external source to stand still flexibly during the session. This is not the position which involves bed. Hence this is an intense position to try. Flexibility is more important to perform this position. Especially, to the bottom guy because he would be the one who spread legs by raising them to get penetrated by his partner. During this position, the bottom guy has to take support from the wall or he can place his legs on top guy's shoulders.

To get even closer and intense feeling of the sex position, the top guy must do multi tasking of holding the legs of the bottom guy, kissing his partner while penetrating and getting inside of his partner. This multi tasking is such a turn on for his partner to stand still in one flexible position. Bottom guy can take the support of any other source to stand still when he is getting penetrated from the back side and he can take the support of his partner when he is making love from the front.

While performing this particular sexual act, guys must be careful enough with their muscles. As flexibility is the major point in this intense sexual position, one must try only if he is capable enough to hold his position for a long time and the butt muscles must be relaxed for the smooth and painless penetration. So, one must try spreading the legs in a wider way so that the penetration goes good. Usage of lubricants is helpful for intense and long lasting session.

This position is mostly performed by the couples who are flexible enough and who are into bareback. The effect of this position in pleasureful in an intense way because the penetration leads directly to the prostate which is quite orgasmic. As pain comes with the pleasure, one must be careful enough in enacting the position in a perfect way in perfect angle.

Hence, this sex position is named after every male ballet dancer because those are the ones who are capable enough to raise the legs and stand on toes flexibly to appreciate the sex in an artistic way. Sex is an art. Dance is also an art. Hence, blending two art forms, Danseur is the perfect sex position to explore the stretchabilty and springiness of a person in sex.

If you are not a dancer and if you feel you aren't flexible enough to practice this sex position, start stretching workout from today and make your body flexible. Please, don't try if you aren't flexible enough or if your body doesn't support you. There's a lot of time to get in a proper shape to try this position. Well, as I always say, Stay Safe and Play Hard.

So, what are you waiting for? Make this weekend sexually adventurous and experimental with this intense yet enticing sex position with your partner to cherish the most thrilling sex experience.

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