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Daddy Hunt

Everyone has their own wishes in choosing the men they want in their life. It depends on various factors and definitely various "types". Gay culture is all about looking for their particular "type" men. Many Gay men choose their partners, according to the type they look for. There are many types of gay men segregated into categories. These are mostly taken into consideration for hookups and relationships. Choosing the type of men for hookups, mostly reflect in sexual desires and fantasies of a person, but Choosing the type of men for relationships purely depends on a person's way of thinking regarding spending the future.

There is one category which I want to say something about. It's Daddy. Do you love those men who are aged in a sweet way with their Salt and Pepper look? Do you feel them cozy and mellow? Do you feel like hanging out with them? Do you feel them as protective and caring? Do experience matters for you in every aspect in life? Then you are definitely a person who is looking for a doting yet loving gay daddy!

Daddy Hunt is an app that purely and particularly developed for the gay men who belong to this category. It's all about dating those gay daddies who cast their sexy salt and pepper look. Most of them are well settled, matured and mostly experienced. To all those people, who want to date a gay daddy, this app is the ultimate platform to meet some kindhearted, most happening and coolest daddies around the world. Regardless the age, size, shape, ethnicity, occupations and interests, one can find any kind of gay daddy in this digital space.

Well, have you ever come across the series called "Daddy Hunt " from the YouTube channel of Daddy Hunt app? Have you missed it out witnessing the gay romantic and sentimental love story on your smartphones?

The makers of Daddy Hunt app have also released, Daddy Hunt-The Short movie serial in 2017. They have released all the episodes of Daddy Hunt in three seasons till date. The Whole cast includes only 7 members, where Bj Gruber and Jim Newman are the main leads of this lovely series. BJ Gruber has played the character of a Boy next door and Jim Newman played the wonderful character of Gay Daddy, for which he has also won an award for his stunning performance.

It has critically acclaimed and applauded by the people on YouTube with more than 2.5 million views and won an award as Best LGBT film in the year 2017. When it comes to the story line of the movie, it is all about meeting between a Gay boy and Gay Daddy, the relationship between them, gay romance between various characters, portrayal of Ex relationships and affairs of the main characters, friendship between two gay best friends, depiction of the feelings of HIV positive guys, portrayal of the possessiveness between the characters, breakup followed by it and finally patching up the characters at the end of the season 3 with a tint of gay romance. These are the points that are elevated in three seasons.

One can learn a lot from each and every character from the movie because the director has narrated the story in a most natural way. One will feel that it is just happening in the next door while watching the movie. The Daddy Hunt app comes with such an amazing Marketing tactic to improvise the Gay Daddy Culture whole over the world with its awesomely choreographed short movie.

Gay bestfriends from the series

One must watch this whole series and visit the Daddy Hunt app and read about it. Personally, I have literally watched all the seasons more than five times. They are beautifully pictured and described in the short clips of around 6 mins per episode. And, one will definitely feel the running time is less, but it's cute. The Director just wants to strike the point and make it noted in people's minds instead of dragging it with cheesy scenes.

So, this weekend, explore this YouTube Webseries and binge watch all the seasons at a time. It hardly takes more than an hour to watch all the three seasons at a shot.

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