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Cross Dressing -A Questionable attempt?

Dressing sense is the one important thing that everyone is over conscious about, from rich to rags. Because, only clothing fulfills all the bare necessities of a person. Not talking about the high end fashion sense, but about the minimum clothing sense. To protect a body from nakedness, a person opts various types of clothing. That is the basic concept behind clothing. Gradually, it has got deviated towards segregation of clothing according to the gender. And people got habituated wearing the same kind of clothing according to various regions, cultures and traditions. Inclining towards the gender differences and gender inequality, both male and female of any particular society has decided to stick up with their own kind of clothing. They have even added the flavor of masculinity and femininity in clothing. They started using words like Graceful for women's clothing and Manful for men's clothing. Till then, the scenario was quite segregated. Some unknown heads of the society has preset the rules and regulations of clothing that a man and woman should opt to live peacefully without judgments in this screwed up society.

When an effeminate guy dressed up as a female !

Here, the issue has raised. What if a man wants to see himself in graceful clothing and a woman wants to try exploring her dashing side in terms of clothing? Some dare personalities in the past centuries have tried doing that and successfully got bamboozled either by getting sexually engaged or brutally murdered. It has been the same scenario since Vedics. Lord Vishnu also once tried getting into Woman's body by wearing graceful clothing and successfully saved the Earth from Demons. But the story hasn't ended there. He had to get into Lord Shiva for Lokakalyanam (for the sake of goodness of the world) and they gave birth to a baby boy, which was totally a different story. There were many stories from ancient history about dressing. There was no such inappropriate thing mentioned in them. Many men were curious and inquisitive about female dressing. Some even tried carrying them with ease, that's where the concept of Cross Dressing has raised. Brihnnala, the character from Mahabharata has been the best example ever. Prince Arjuna who was manful unlike any other man, has effortlessly carried a woman's outfits to be surreptitious from Kauravas. History remembered Brihnnala as Cross Dresser. Many instances were also there from the history of the world, saying that Cross dressing existed in those days. People who used to try cross dressing in a graceful way, were considered as slaves, courtesans, prostitutes, queen's assistants, etc. They used to serve like normal human beings, but used to be treated like filth by others. There was no sort of respect given. Some even get sexually abused and some were employed for bodily pleasures, but none of them were allowed to take those royal affairs and names outside. Because, those were the naked truths that were suppressed in the history.

History marks the existence of cross dressing

The foundation of suppressing people who wanted to dress up according one's own wish which was against to the society norms have gotten laid. Since then, people have started abusing and taking advantage of cross dressers. Those were the days where Royalty and Monarchy has ruled the people. But what happened after that?

Britishers ruled and oppressed us like no one could ever. They took all the wealth and treasure from India. They left little education and development, though. But, did that education changes the people's way of thinking in India? Well, that has literally shown the effect on Indian in adopting the culture of corruption and illegal mannerisms. Coming to the clothing sense in the current democratic scenario. Are we really considering people who follow cross dressing as normal human beings? Answer to yourself from the bottom of your heart?

A person getting ready to portray the character of Brihannala

In the present scenario, we are coming across a lot of Cross Dressers, who are open to the public. I'm not talking about the people who stand near traffic signals and demand money. That's a totally different scenario. Some of them are Transgenders and some of them are the people who are diluting the value of the Transgender Community by just dressing up like females and demanding money from the normal crowd and become aggressive if they deny giving them money.

Do you think that Transgenders and Cross Dressers are the same? Do you think, Cross Dressing should be considered as Manipulative act? Do you think Cross dressers must be treated separately unlike the normal people? Don't you think is Cross Dressers are normal people and Cross dressing is normal??

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