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Corporate Queer Lifestyle in Hyderabad...

Hyderabad, the one metropolitan city which became the hub of corporate lifestyle, where you can see all those corporate addicts who do jobs from morning to evening all weekdays like slaves and try to enjoy the weekends but they can't enjoy due to lack of sleep. They feel sleeping is the best way to chill out. These so called corporate professionals cannot walk in the sun for at least 10 minutes, because they are quite habituated with their air conditioned cabins and cubicles. Lacking of self respect, getting habituated to bosses' pressure and scoldings, getting stereotyped by bloggers like me are part of the corporate daily routine for these people. But, why do bloggers and video makers stereotype corporate professionals as corporate slaves, most of the times? Because, they themselves prove others right by their work culture and mindsets. Hyderabad is a hub of many technical and software companies where thousands of engineers and technical people work and earn their polished bread every single month. 70% of jobs in Hyderabad relate to these Multi National companies in various sectors. On a whole view, everyone who works in Hyderabad are tagged as Software or Corporate professionals. People are habituated with the scenario and if someone says, "I'm working in Hyderabad", they are considered as software employees without asking them the next question. Hence, Hyderabad has gained the name of Corporate City in people's minds.

Well, in general corporate lifestyle is sophisticated, polished, modern and the most ill treated one. To know the real scenario of the corporate lifestyle in Hyderabad, I met many people and did my amount of research. I found the hidden and the most disgusting truths when I dig deep inside the hearts of some of the corporate professions in Hyderabad.

As I have mentioned in my previous blogs, the queer lifestyle scenario in Hyderabad was quite limited and only restricted to dating apps. People were either looking for hookups or sex for money. Most of the crowd was still closeted and fake. The fact was most of them were married too. So, it was like a sexual game in Hyderabad and there was not at all a queer lifestyle in general, but Corporate Queer Lifestyle was sort of different. The queer scenario in the corporate sector of Hyderabad was kind of flexible and open. One could find queer people who were open to the society by portraying themselves as homosexuals, cross dressers and Transgenders.

But the consequences after one come out as a member of the LGBT community, are very dark and mentally torturous to handle. This is one of the main reasons for people in corporate companies, for not coming out with their own sexual orientations. Because, there is a lot of pressure from family, friends and office colleagues in the concept of sexual orientations. All the hidden and closeted queer people, get afraid of these consequences and decide to remain silent and calm about their own sexual orientations and on top of that, they force themselves to participate in annoying discussions about LGBT community with other office people. Facing that kind of situation will be real torture, but one should behave in a fake way in front of the society to secure their personal and professional life.

Casting Couch:

Wondering why I have mentioned the above subtitle? Well, I hope everyone of you aware about the casting couch controversies that happen every single day in the Entertainment industry. Say it, Hollywood, Bollywood or Tollywood, any film industry can't work without artists. But those artists sometimes aren't getting selected by their talents. Many of them are getting selected either by bribing huge amount of money to the producers or else simply sleeping with them, indeed having sex with n number of people to fulfill their silver screen dreams. This is quite common in Entertainment Industry these days. But the trend has also entered into Corporate Industry too. The main element of any multinational company or any kind of a business company is employed. Employees are the foundations of any company. The only department which looks into recruiting these employees in the company is Human Resources (HR Dept.) And this department acts as a casting couch in Corporate scenario.

Through my nearest pals from the corporate sector in Hyderabad, I have heard a few stories regarding the way of recruiting people, especially those people who came out in front of these HR Managers. Normally, these kind of situations was mostly heard and seen in corporate industry while dealing women employees. Few mangers tried to exploit and molest female employees or new female employees while getting recruited. There were times, where some of the women asked to behave inappropriately in front of these desperate managers who used to show their authority levels and play with women who were in need of jobs. There were many pieces of articles that have published in top newspapers regarding these kind of molestation cases in the corporate companies. But the same thing has also happened to homosexuals for since ages.

Some queer people who are not comfortable in faking their sexual orientations and who want to live their life and dress accordingly, use to come out as homosexuals or bisexuals or Transgenders in front of these Managers. Higher officials never degrade themselves to exploit others, but the people like these managers who use their sexual orientations as weakness and try to exploit them by molesting them. I have heard a story of a person who has attended for an interview till the final round and got asked by the manager to sleep with him to get placed in the company. That particular guy has left the company because his sexual orientation with good looks became a curse that day and he couldn't get placed as an employee.

It happens in both ways like the managers who are interested in homosexuals, exploit them by taking advantage of their orientations and likewise, managers who are hidden homosexuals, make desperate approaches to sleep with good looking straight men. These disgusting corporate dark secrets are indescribable. There are many big companies in Hyderabad like Google, Deloitte, Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Amazon, Cognizant, Accenture and many more prestigious corporate biggies. There are thousands of people who work in these companies. They lead quite a good lifestyle in the eyes of outsiders, but deep inside their lives are shittiest to explain.

The one thing I found in Hyderabad was 90% people were not true metropolitan. Their mindsets are annoying and degrading too. The value of the LGBT community in Hyderabad was low to the core. But the LGBT activities still happened successfully every year in the past. Though the amount of people participating was low, the activities have never got stopped. In fact, I came to know that the first Pride in Hyderabad has sponsored by Google in 2001. People's participation was not so much at that point of time, but the number of people was kept on increasing year by year. The calculative mindsets of people in IT surroundings, make themselves closeted because of peer pressures and judgments. The main reasons for people being stuck up in their closet doors are conservative family situations and secure job life. People in Hyderabad are closeted just because of the assumption of denial from Personal family life and Professional job life.

Lastly, the Gay sex scenario in the corporate lifestyle of Hyderabad is very maddening with timid mindsets. People in Hyderabad treat gays as substitutes for girls. Many straight men assume that getting gays is easier than getting girls, are using gays for just sexual pleasures. Strictly speaking, to these straight men, all the gay men in and around Hyderabad are meant for sucking their dicks and getting fucked by their dicks. They don't even consider them as normal human beings and not even portrays an emotional side of them as they assume that it would let gay people misunderstand them. So, they just fuck and forget. Straight people treat gays as options. And these hidden gay guys also allow people to exploit them in various ways, because at the end of the Hyderabad gay sex lifestyle is all about FUCK and FORGET.

All the above mentioned information was true to the core because the messages I have received to my dating profiles during my stay in Hyderabad literally proved that Hyderabad Gay lifestyle scenario was obnoxious.

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