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Contributions to the queer community you must consider during this pride month.

It all starts with one person and with one slight effort to generate a profound impact on society. One person's initiation and contributions can bring change not only to a fellow person but to the whole world. The queer community is one such community in our society where it has been suppressed for ages and started getting accepted, normalised and treated with love and respect after fighting against all odds many decades ago. If no drag queens and black transwomen were fighting for equality in all possible ways in the 60s there would be no proper queer community in the current scenario. Don't you think that their contributions have yielded freedom in every perspective which indeed made queer people valid enough to live in society the way they love?

If you are a queer person or a queer ally, your support to the community must not be just in words or walking in pride parades or decking up fashionably to attend parties, but also in contributing to the community in whatever you can and are capable of. Pride Month comes every year; if you are way too busy enough to focus on such contributions throughout the year, make it up at least in June as this month stands out special for the queer community in the whole world. Regardless of wherever you are, whomever you date or whatever you do, push yourself a bit to contribute to the welfare or well-being or wellness of the community. Are you wondering what you can contribute? Oh, well, there are many things a person can contribute.

  • Make sure that you are contributing to the upliftment of the community and no matter how less it is, never hesitate because it may start with a person but the chain effect goes bigger that spreads to the community. Before anything else, contribute your mind and mindset that urges the thought of contribution. Your one effort may inspire hundreds of people to follow you.

  • A portion of your salary or savings no matter how less it is, may support a queer person to achieve what that person strives for, be it educational aid, medical help for surgical transitions, good housing or just a piece of clothing. Charitable contributions to organisations that work for the causes of queer employment, transgender upliftment and queer children's education always bring you wholesome satisfaction. But before making your monetary contributions, do some research regarding legit NGOs and NPOs that are exclusively dedicated to underprivileged queer people.

  • Speaking of privilege, if you possess what the other person doesn't have, then you must consider yourself as privileged especially the necessities like food, shelter and clothing. Poverty is dominating the world's population and because of it, many people are forced to get into things that they never planned or desired to do. Do you know how many transgenders are being forced into sex work to earn their bread and how many queer people are becoming homeless and left by their families because of their gender dysphoric issues? Of course, you can't help all of them, but if you can provide a meal or a pair of clothes or a recommendation for sheltering in any of the organisations for at least one queer person, then your contribution inspires others. A smile on an underprivileged person's face after sharing your privilege can make you happy more than anything else.

  • Contributions don't have to be always monetary. You can still contribute your skill or talent if you aren't in a position to contribute money. Pride parades endure one kind of contribution to creating awareness where people employ their energy to walk and shout out slogans loud to portray their support. Likewise, you can contribute your art and literature that move other people to fight against all odds, to support the community, to work for queer people's upliftment, to motivate suppressed queer people, to shun the ignorant, to eradicate the societal obstacle, to elevate social standards, to negotiate typical norms and terms and most importantly to spark the change that helps the queer community to stand strong. When you retain a skill that confronts hurdles and brings out solutions, then contribute such talents during the month in which queer community remains in the spotlight because it gains more exposure.

  • If you don't have money to contribute and don't possess quite the skill to bring change with your skill, then be a volunteer to help the people who run campaigns and events during Pride month. Supporting the person who helps others is indeed a true help because it keeps the cause alive and survives further to meet its results. Wholly, if you have nothing, then contribute your human presence with your energy and effort to work for a cause that enforces the development of the queer community. Queer carnivals, fests, campaigns and many events need volunteers that come forward to help in the expectancy of nothing. Don't you think you can contribute at least a day to help such events?

  • Support the surveys and social causes that extract the information from people to focus on future developments and enforcements that may bring change in statistics and radars which help governments and nations to pass various bills in legislative assemblies. Do you know your modest effort of answering a question or choosing an option can result in a change of law and may deliver justice to the suppressed? If you are an ally or a dedicated supporter, instead of ignoring such surveys, contribute your bare minimum of precious time to participate in surveys because sometimes your opinion itself can change the whole dynamics in and around the queer community.

Such are these meaningful contributions to the queer community by queer people and queer allies for the benefit of the existence of every queer person; they must be initiated, followed and carried forward so that equality prevails in society, ignorant become aware, normality sustains and enlightenment enthrals, all for the cause of making the world a better place to live and breathe.

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