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Consequences of taking breaks in a relationship...

Taking breaks from a relationship is trending nowadays in a dating scenario and some people are even more forward in taking breaks from their everyday monotonous and committed relationships such as marriages. They are proudly mentioning it as a break phase, which is very different from divorcing each other. Generally, we all fed up with people at one point in time, including our kin and kith and also our special someone. Sometimes, we feel like having "me time" for ourselves to view life from a different angle. Currently, everyone is exploring their break phases in their love life. This is getting quite common everywhere and also a good-appreciated technique to follow to sustain in romantic relationships especially.

But this break phase is very fragile and very sensitive too. One must handle this period in a controllable way to get rid of unnecessary happenings which lead to the destruction of a relationship. Yes, every single aspect and every single move in our life come with consequences. Some are good and some are bad. Indeed, we have both pros and cons for people who try to take a break in their relationships but not breaking the relationships. Focusing on such consequences can make us feel alert about a few future happenings which we should take care of. Here are some of the pros and cons of this so-called "Break Phase"


  • Taking a break in a relationship always makes a person excel in life to try something new and to become a completely new person and sometimes people change into a better person than before which helps a couple to stay together forever later the break phase.

  • When we are alone, we think about ourselves and we control all our feelings. We come to know our strengths and weaknesses and especially as we come to know our capabilities in the absence of someone special. We become strong to lead our life alone without the presence of our loved ones.

  • This break phase helps a person to relive all the old relationships one form in one's life. During this phase, we allow ourselves to get back to those people who help in cherishing memories with us. In a relationship, most of the time, we spend with our partners and we ignore our family and friends unintentionally. Break phases help us to reconnect with all our family members and buddies of our life.

  • Freshness is the key aspect of a break phase. We plan to take a break from our so-called relationship and our partners to appreciate the new aspects of our lives and to come out of our monotonous lifestyle. One becomes very fresh and energetic after taking a break in a relationship. Because during the phase, a person comes to know everything in the world and he/she gets refreshed for a new phase in his/her relationship.

  • This phase on the other side, makes a person realize how deep he/she is in love with their partners. How bad they miss their partners in their absence. This helps in reconstructing the old feelings and revive the old personalities because a person gets to know the value of other people only in their absence.

  • The interesting factor is sometimes, people realize that taking a break from a relationship is such a bad thought or something which they shouldn't have done it in the first place and hurt their partners. Because we get to know the missing factors only when we miss our partners. Our lives look shallow without their presence. Hence, taking a break also helps a person not to do the same thing ever in his/her life. That's the beauty of these break phases.


  • Now the ugly side of taking breaks in a relationship is losing the zeal of being in a relationship with anyone in our life. We all take breaks just to escape from the monotonous relationship lifestyle, but sometimes people get addicted to the single-hood lifestyle and never return to their partners just because they witness the fun in being alone.

  • And that leads to break the relationship and mess the whole emotional bonding we make with our partners. This wouldn't affect a person at that time, but later on, when a person wants someone to share his/her feelings with, the absence of a particular person's partner feels pathetic.

  • Not everyone is so modernized, urbanized and too forward to understand the concept of break phases in a relationship. Hence, some people feel hurt by their partners' decisions. Though they accept the proposal of taking a break, they won't be able to live the moment of truth and hence they mess it up by totally breaking the relationship and this ultimately affects a person who decides for taking a break.

  • Sometimes, we get confused and we travel in dilemma paths, in the absence of our partners. Though we strive hard to live independently, somewhere in the deep in our hearts, we behave emotionally dependent on our partners. We feel like we are null without them. And we feel screwed up for our decision.

  • We miss a lot. We miss their talks. We miss their fights. We miss their food. We miss their fragrance. We miss their stupidity and we wholly miss their presence. It is good to miss someone, but it makes us feel bad about our emotional dependency and we act weird with people around us during the break phase.

  • The most important con is due to our emotional, physical and mental freedom from our relationship, we act a bit crazy sometimes and we do such things which make us feel guilty, depressed and inescapable from future consequences. We may end up cheating on our partners, we may go crazy in sleeping with too many people, we may fall in love with others which affect the current relationship, of course, we may change our personalities to another level where become exactly opposite and worse than before.

These all are some of the main and important consequences a person may face during his/her break phase in a relationship. One must control one's feelings so much to come over all those emotional hurdles during the break phase. Taking small breaks for a month or so is fine to revive the energy to build up the relationship in a new way, but taking breaks for more than months won't be good for a relationship to sustain further. Any sort of issue can arise between two people in such a long gap. So, take breaks to feel yourself and to make yourself strong by sorting out your issues, but don't take breaks if you feel monotonous being in a relationship with one person, because that may direct you to other paths where you get lost easily.

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