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Consequences of Juxtaposing in a relationship!

Throughout all our life, we feel irritated when our parents compare us with other kids, be it in education, career, and other materialistic life choices. Juxtaposing is too common in Indian society and everyone is included in one or the other way. Some opt for motivating others and some opt for criticizing others. No matter what might be the reason, the result would always turn out to be always bad and sad. Juxtaposition is all about comparing or contrasting two elements to know the similarities and differences.

What if the concept of Juxtaposition arises in a relationship? How do you feel if your partner tries to compare/contrast you with another person or himself just to make the note of the differences and similarities? Well, no one feels good to be compared to any other person, especially in the aspect of Love, no matter whether the differences are more convincing or not. In this current scenario, no one is giving a damn about others. Everyone wants to upgrade themselves in their way rather than getting compared or inspired or motivated by others. In the world of Love, juxtaposing can be treated as the nearest route for breaking up your paths.

Unfortunately, we humans mostly consider everything in a pessimistic yet possessive way, when it comes to our love with our partners. And around 60% of relationships are coming to end because of this juxtaposition. People never get satisfied with what they have. They always want something out of their deserving capabilities and out of their annoying mindsets. Hence, they start pressurizing their partners to become someone who they could never want to become just to match someone who is out of their league. This is when juxtaposing concept raises in a relationship. There are more negative aspects than positive ones when it comes to juxtaposing your boyfriend/girlfriend with someone else.

Having a face of a Donald Duck, one can't expect Jennifer Lawrence to be in his bed. Because she is with someone who deserves her in every single way. People miss this small point and start comparing their partners with celebrities and other people who are totally out of their league. This is when the seed of dispute would be sown. Comparisons in both good way and bad way also end up in a hell lot of discrepancies in a relationship.

No one likes to be juxtaposed, everyone wants to be treated as special someone and unique rather than getting compared or contrasted with someone else. One must never force their partners to look totally like someone else just because they like that particular someone else. Some people don't even like getting compared to the beautiful faces of celebrities because they don't want to be compared, they want to be seen completely a different and unique person and that's completely alright.

Giving beautiful compliments by comparing with celebrity faces, asking your partners to deck up like brand new hero or heroine, forcing them to shed their weight just because your friend's boyfriend/girlfriend looks skinny and toned, imagining your partner with someone whom you were with and whom you adore the most, comparing the features of your partner with someone else's boyfriend/girlfriend, contrasting the emotional connection and chemistry of other couples with yours, all these annoying things comes surely takes you and your partner to split up soon.

Instead of comparing and contrasting with others, why can't we focus on exploring and excelling our ways of improvising our relationships? Because we mostly take our partners for granted and we throw all our tantrums by speaking literal shit. Some of us take advantage of the love our partners have on us and we keep on nagging and dragging our stupidity by juxtaposing our partners with other people. We stop cherishing what we have and we start searching for something we can never capable of having in our world.

Juxtaposing is good when we see it emotionally than materialistic way. Compare your relationship with a 70-year-old couple is way more different than comparing your relationship with a beautiful looking, well settled and elite couple. Both the relationships equally give couple goals, but the former one is all about emotional connection and the latter is all about materialistic buildups of a relationship. It's always good to get inspired by others to be in a good place, but it's always bad to be competitive with others in the aspects of lifestyle and maintenance. Juxtaposition in a materialistic (money, looks, elegance) way always end you up facing bad consequences. Hence, don't compare or contrast, just inspire and get motivated.

Cherish what you have rather than striving for something that you can never have.

Don't Juxtapose others and do not let others juxtapose you. Strive for being you and unique.

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