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Closed mouths don't get fed!

Similarly closed mindsets don't get evolved. The world always acts restricted, confined, and conserved with the queer scenario no matter how things get developed gradually. One or the other way, a queer person strives and struggles hard to prove his point right in this heterosexual dominant world. Regardless of the sexual orientation and gender identity, every queer person is equally talented, educated, and polished as a regular heterosexual person. But, the scenario in and around, always tries to suppress the skill set of a particular queer person, especially when the world gets to recognize the sexual orientation of that person.

This particular aspect sickens and weakens the strength of a queer person. This is one of the main reasons, why many queer people don't reveal their orientations or don't come out because they feel it like a threat to their career upliftment. Agree with it or not, a person's sexual orientation always plays a vital role in any workplace. And still, it has been the same with all the women out there. They have been suppressed and oppressed regardless of their talents by the typical male dominant world. Then imagine the situation of a queer person.

Not everyone in this world is outspoken and can stand against all the odds by fighting and protesting with ignorant people. Hence, it becomes extremely difficult for a closeted queer person to suppress his own identity for the sake of his career, employment, and further job opportunities. Do you know that many job roles in this world can't be offered to a person just because of his or her sexual orientation? And this is one of the main reasons why most transgenders don't find proper jobs though they are extremely talented and blessed with better skill sets.

Queer artists hardly get the chance of proving themselves because these typical heterosexuals won't find them enough for a specific role due to their behavioral patterns and dressing sense. There's always a queer artist who gets oppressed or overtaken by someone or taken for granted or replaced by undeserving heterosexuals every single day. This gender minority behavior devalues and demotivates the queer community and especially all the queer people who are closed and restricted.

If you don't open your mouth, the food on your plate cannot get placed in your stomach. Anyone can buy food, or anyone can cook you food, but it completely depends on you whether you eat that food or not. No matter how hard you try, your closed mouth can never get fed. So, you need to open up, explore your boundaries, face the hurdles, stand against all the odds, raise your voice and prove your personality without letting others affect your sexual identity. Until and unless you open your mouth, your life won't move ahead.

One of the main issues with many queer people out there is, they don't open up about how they feel and what they want when it comes to their careers. Because they feel targeted among the pools of typical heterosexuals and they let others take advantage of them by keeping themselves silent for every single oppression they face. If you restrict yourself, you can never explore your talents.

Instead speak out though you feel the sense of suppression and demotivation from people around. Chuck all of them and try to stand strong; you will get to see a new behavior from the people who once tried to degrade. Present your orientation out and prove that your identity and your professional personality are two different concepts. Prove to the people around you that you have nothing to do with your sexual attractions when it comes to portraying your talents openly. Never close your mouths whenever you need to speak out.

And at the same time, never be conservative and closed regarding your sexual orientation at any place including your workplace too. You necessarily don't have to come out to everyone and everywhere if you feel threats around you or if you feel that it's not the right time, right place, and right people. But whenever you get a slight minimum chance, let people know who you truly are, including your sexuality. Opportunities only reach you when you allow yourselves to make them reach you.

Instead of joining a typical heterosexual crowd in demeaning a queer person, try standing for that person regardless of your closeted status. Try speaking out for other queer people instead of keeping your mouth shut though you know that it's wrong to be like that. If you speak out for others, it indeed lets you speak for yourself.

Just open up and showcase your talents. Your queer personality must speak your work and let people understand that you are no lesser than a typical straight guy out there. You can indeed prove yourself the best by standing out of the crowd and by thinking out of the box and just being queer!

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