Closed mouths don't get fed!

Similarly closed mindsets don't get evolved. The world always acts restricted, confined, and conserved with the queer scenario no matter how things get developed gradually. One or the other way, a queer person strives and struggles hard to prove his point right in this heterosexual dominant world. Regardless of the sexual orientation and gender identity, every queer person is equally talented, educated, and polished as a regular heterosexual person. But, the scenario in and around, always tries to suppress the skill set of a particular queer person, especially when the world gets to recognize the sexual orientation of that person.

This particular aspect sickens and weakens the strength of a queer person. This is one of the main reasons, why many queer people don't reveal their orientations or don't come out because they feel it like a threat to their career upliftment. Agree with it or not, a person's sexual orientation always plays a vital role in any workplace. And still, it has been the same with all the women out there. They have been suppressed and oppressed regardless of their talents by the typical male dominant world. Then imagine the situation of a queer person.