Climax it by saying "Thank you"!

Do you have any idea about how words play a crucial role in creating an intimate environment while having sex sessions with your partners? Well, do you like someone getting into you and make you come out in a very silent way with no conversations and no words? Hell, no. That's more like annoying, weird sex than an orgasmic one. Similarly, no one likes to hear your life struggling stories when you are penetrating them. Hence, a person must need to control one's vocal power and especially vocabulary to create such a comfortable yet intensely sensual atmosphere.

If you think words have no power to make a person feel orgasmic, then phone-sex activities wouldn't be popular. And even so, if you make a person feel sensual before sex, just focus on physical engagement during sex and stay silent with no words after sex, you would be surely tagged as a pervert. Never do that. Keep the pace consistent before, during, and after sex. No matter whoever the other person would be, your behavior in bed matters to make an impression in someone's mind. Sex is not just getting physical and wildly fuck each other. It's more than that. It's giving pleasure and pain to each other. A mental connection is very important when you get into someone physically making a person relax and appreciate the sex. This happens only with words.

Regardless of genders, orientations and even sexual roles, every person must work on their words.Regardless of genders, orientations and even sexual roles, every person must work on their words. It's not gay tops must impress their bottom partners and it's surely not about the givers must focus on words than receivers. Vocal communication must be from both sides and if you feel that you run out of your words, just give undivided attention through your eye contact. Don't spill words like you never meant it. Be yourself and give true compliments. Because your gestures and postures show whether you meant a particular phrase or not. So, instead of throwing shit words, better be truthful to your partner.

Don't flirt too much, it makes you look like a desperate person and when your partner notices it, no matter what you say, he/she will take it as just for fuck's sake. Before sex, never try to make an impression. Just relax and try to make an emotional or mental connection. Just be nice and do not show off your sex skills right away! Give compliments about her hairstyle, his beard look, her dressing sense, his aura, her eyes, his jaws. Complimenting about one's looks makes other people feel comfortable. People are look-conscious. They want to look beautiful for their partners and hence if you compliment their features, they feel comfortable and relaxed which make them feel that you like them. What to say, every human falls for compliments, simple!

Express your emotions by describing them how you feel when you are with your partners. Instead of saying 'You are the world to me', it's better to say,"I feel good being with you." It's just exercising the sense of being practical and emotional at the same time. Before penetrating each other, make some romantic moves by passionately kissing and tell your partner how she caresses you and how deeply you want to be kissed. Just come to the point directly, without beating around the bush. Inform your partner, how intimately he makes you feel connected with his kissing style.

Foreplay is all about using your mouth and tongue. Not only for blow jobs, rim jobs, and kissing, but also making other people feel hard and sensual with your intimate conversations and words. Tell him, that you can't wait to get inside of him. Whispering is a sensual act. Don't make a fool out of yourself by screaming like a moron. Hence, keep your tone low while you utter sensual phrases. Husky tones do a better job in making your partner, hard and horny enough. Most importantly, keep responding to all the phrases, your partner utters you. Be it a simple "Yeah" in a sensual way or stopping your partner and looking at his/her eyes and saying what you want, as if you mean it deeply! This makes a couple engage with each other. Like how you compliment his/her face looks, while having sex, just say how their genitals make you feel hard and how they look. Please don't make weird comparisons. Blend grace and erotica. Like "Oh my god, you got a big tool", "Woah, you have a smooth body", or else simply "I like your butt cheeks."