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Choices straight men think that is gay, but not!

Under various influences of typical and stereotypical gender norms in society, many straight men ought to think that a few choices impel them as gay, specifically speaking unmanly, girlish and against heterosexuality. Funnily, preferring another man as a partner isn't one of them that must be the only one that makes them gay. With a particular set of rules and regulations laid by elders from previous eras, modern men have been forced to believe that some choices don't portray their straight traits in the eyes of society or so-called other people.

Even though the queer community is blessed with straight men as queer allies, some choices get quickly judged by them and they take a step back or pass an inappropriate comment that comes out as microaggression toward gay men. And with this rigid attitude, many straight men tend to restrict their freedom of choice and exploration in this world. Strictly they miss a lot by believing assumptive presumptions of some choices as gay. It is okay to think like that in a world of different stereotypes, but it is high time for all straight men to realise the reality.

Maintaining one's body isn't gay. Having a particular face regime, attending hair spas, getting manicures and pedicures, looking after one's oral, genital or anal hygiene, and managing various cosmetic products for various reasons uplifts a man's interest in taking care of one's body. Regrettably, many straight men think that only gays schedule appointments at salons, and spas and invest their money in cosmetics under the name of maintenance. That is so untrue. Just because you are straight, it doesn't mean you should live like a caveman from the stone age with a rugged beard, stinky armpits, unshaped nails, overgrown body hair, acned or pockmarked face, unbearable body odour and many unmanaged traits. Any man can opt for a suitable regime that urges him to maintain his body to look appealing. If you think gays maintain only to persuade other men or look beautiful always, then it's a wrong ideology. Choices of body maintenance have nothing to do with sexuality.

Colours don't support segregation according to sexual orientation. Pink isn't girlish, neons aren't loud, blue doesn't define masculinity, and hues of red aren't feminine, in simpler words, no colour has a particular gender or sexuality. You are free to adopt any colour and most allowed to flaunt any colour on your body as your favourite. It is your stupidity of you if you think some colours don't showcase your heterosexuality. Will you cut off your tongue just because it is pink, shed your blood and die because it is red? Then why do you have to differentiate colours and simply pass silly comments on gays who sport flashy, loud and vibrant colours? Haven't you noticed that some gay men only prefer wearing single tones like black, beige and blue? Not every man who wears a three-piece navy blue suit is straight. So, stop judging the choices of colours.

In this modern era, where people are wearing whatever they desire, there exist some conservative straight men who opt for one particular type of clothing thinking that the other choices make people tag them as lady-like, effeminate and especially gay. It's again a drifted notion from its reality. Have you observed the royal men from previous eras wearing gowns, cardigans, kaftans, fedoras, hats, and even heels? Many photographic proofs mention that all the current feminine statements were once started and discovered by men, but why the modern straight men deny those clothing facts by following typical regulations laid by other conservative men? Gay men celebrate their orientation by wearing various kinds of outfits and attires, without giving a damn about masculinity and femininity because they get along with the modern scenario by embracing the old roots. Being a straight man, you don't have only to wear trousers and shirts to exhibit your masculinity. Have you noticed the Scottish men wearing skirts and celebrating their culture? Now, can you consider all those men as gay just because they wear skirts?

It applies the same to makeup. No one in the constitution has mentioned that men can't apply makeup and enhance their facial appearance. Then why do some straight men laugh at other modern straight men who manage to have their makeup routines and their usage of makeup products? Foundations, concealers, and correctors come for complexions, not sexual orientations. Mascaras and eyeliners make eyes look elegant and big, but don't shrink penis size. Lip shades can cover pigmentation and can elevate your lip colour, but they don't have the capability to make you gay. Now isn't it quite dramatic to think that makeup products can affect a straight man's masculinity?

Interests and hobbies make a person discover one's talents and skills. They don't have masculine or feminine nature. If knitting and sewing are purely for women, then how come we have too many master straight men who design amazing clothes? Men can do anything from delicate work to tough work; they can pull off anything. But being a straight man, if you think some choices showcase you as gay in the eyes of society, even though you enjoy a keen interest in them and want them to have as your hobbies, you should never restrict yourself. Because it stops your growth and you always end up regretting not chasing behind your talents and skills. Many gay men are flourishing their athletic interests in the sports stream of this world. Now, do you think those gay men should be straight for their tough choices or should be choosing some feathery interests where they don't have to lift weights, run around and build bodies? Wake up, it's a flawed assumption to consider that interests and hobbies are divided according to a man's orientation.

Similarly, many straight men think that glamorous and creative industries are made for gay men who also typically judge the skill set of gay men who are so good in science and technology based on their homosexuality. The fashion industry isn't full of gays. All male models aren't homosexuals. Many makeup artists and hairdressers are straight men who are famous for their talents. Creativity lies in the mind, not in a man's sexuality. So, if you are creative and straight, show the world what you are without overthinking about how others may consider you, tell the world you are a man enough to blur the lines of masculinity and femininity and make the world witness how you don't give a damn about exploring your extremes regardless of your sexual orientation.

Until and unless you are romantically and sexually involved with another man in your life, your heterosexuality has nothing to do with the choices you like to make in terms of elevating your personality physically, psychologically, mentally and financially. Stop judging gay men for their choices and stop judging yourself for the choices you want to make.

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