Cheerful Chandni Chowk...!

After the rough night I had in Delhi, I really needed a sparkling and a light-hearted day to make myself cheered up a little bit to continue my research on the queer lifestyle scenario. But I was wholly exasperated to talk to anyone that day. I woke up very late and it took me hours for getting ready to step out of my hotel. Exploring Delhi has eaten half a day of mine. I was starving. I desired to taste something delicious and filling too. Then, one Place has popped up in my mind which I have missed out on my last visit too. I didn't want to give a miss one more time then. So I have decided to roam, eat and shop at Chandni chowk, the only place where you can comprehend the Old Delhi vibes.

But I was in Mahipalpur, the farthermost hotel destination from Old Delhi. But, nothing could stop me. Because, there was an Airport Express Metro line, the fastest metro express in Delhi. I have boarded it and reached the destination. Soon after reaching the Chandni Chowk metro station, I have seen people who work on a daily basis in and around Chandini chowk. Everyone was too engaged in their own world. It was a race inside the metro station. I have got related to the situation with the Mumbai Local trains scenario. The place was crowded like anything. With my Monochromatic look and Big Eye shades, I have rushed out of the metro station. I found rickshaw pullers, who was calling me at a time to mount their rickshaws. I could sense a proper village atmosphere. But it was totally Old Delhi.

I have a habit of getting into rickshaws only when the person approaches near me. Too fancy to hear, but it is my way of dealing autos and rickshaws.