Cheerful Chandni Chowk...!

After the rough night I had in Delhi, I really needed a sparkling and a light-hearted day to make myself cheered up a little bit to continue my research on the queer lifestyle scenario. But I was wholly exasperated to talk to anyone that day. I woke up very late and it took me hours for getting ready to step out of my hotel. Exploring Delhi has eaten half a day of mine. I was starving. I desired to taste something delicious and filling too. Then, one Place has popped up in my mind which I have missed out on my last visit too. I didn't want to give a miss one more time then. So I have decided to roam, eat and shop at Chandni chowk, the only place where you can comprehend the Old Delhi vibes.

But I was in Mahipalpur, the farthermost hotel destination from Old Delhi. But, nothing could stop me. Because, there was an Airport Express Metro line, the fastest metro express in Delhi. I have boarded it and reached the destination. Soon after reaching the Chandni Chowk metro station, I have seen people who work on a daily basis in and around Chandini chowk. Everyone was too engaged in their own world. It was a race inside the metro station. I have got related to the situation with the Mumbai Local trains scenario. The place was crowded like anything. With my Monochromatic look and Big Eye shades, I have rushed out of the metro station. I found rickshaw pullers, who was calling me at a time to mount their rickshaws. I could sense a proper village atmosphere. But it was totally Old Delhi.

I have a habit of getting into rickshaws only when the person approaches near me. Too fancy to hear, but it is my way of dealing autos and rickshaws.

I was totally excited to have a rickshaw ride. Because, it has been a long time since I actually had a ride in a rickshaw. The person who was taking me for a ride was total "Desi". He was honest and hard working. The place was very rushed with the crowd and the roads were rocky enough. I felt uncomfortable at times sitting inside due to lot of hurdles. I felt like helping the guy who was riding, but he got his own tactics in riding his rickshaw on those difficult roads. It seemed everyone over, there were quite comfortable in riding their vehicles in the busiest and most crowded roads I have ever seen. People were habituated to drive vehicles with zero traffic and road sense. A lot of constructions were taking place. I have asked my rickshaw guy to drop me at "Paranthe Wali Gully", the place which is renowned and popular for Parantha (a flat Indian stuffed and fried bread) in Chandini chowk. This place should be on every traveler's checklist. Though it was crowded, there was no harm. Because, everyone got their own business to mind. They hardly poke into other person's business like the rest of the world. Maybe, being busy actually make these people mind their own business.

I dropped down right in front of the traffic display board which mentioned "Paranthe Wali Galli". There were no parameters to my happiness at that point of time. I was excited, delighted, and hungered too. I have felt enthusiastic soon after I rushed into the narrow passage of the street. That aroma of that particular food street was inexplicable. No person could describe it in words. I found many food stores, one after another, there were many. Every food stall was crowded and kind of the most happening ones. I was in the ultimate dilemma of selecting one among them to have most appreciated and lauded Parantha in World. I have finally selected one store which was glittery and shimmery. There were a few empty tables to sit and stuff my tummy peacefully. They welcomed me and offered a table. They have passed me the menu and has suggested me to try various kinds of Paranthas. I was confused one more time. I made a smart choice in ordering Mixed Parantha so that I could taste every single item in that place in one plate. Tasting it, felt like heavenly nomadic. It was delicious to the core. After completing one plate, I have ordered for another one! Meanwhile, I was already getting unnecessary attention. People at other tables were eating each others ear instead of eating Paranthas, by gossiping about my lip gloss, long hair and my outfit. They could cognize that I was gay. But they had to have an entertainment it seemed. Hence, they have chosen to talk about me. The waiters in Parantha store haven't even given me a single judgmental look. That was sort of relieving. They have patiently explained me everything. They didn't pass any judgments regarding my look and everything. It was because, those people were habituated of seeing various kinds of people visiting them every day to have their tasty Paranthas. So, they didn't give a damn about who am I. They just treated me as their customer. It was that simple.

Mixed Parantha !

My inner soul was literally agitating to throw the plates on their faces. One guy who came with his mom was saying something to her by whispering slowly into her ears and she was laughing. I felt that it was okay to have a jovial talk between a mother and a son. But her dumb head son, was staring at me very inappropriately. I have raised my eyebrows like I was sighing him. He nodded his head horizontally mentioning that he has nothing to say. Then I asked him, whether he has some problem with my attire or me. I was ferocious and in an argumentative mood. Because I hate when someone stare at me without having any reason. Then his mother has come into rescue by saying that they were actually in a dilemma that which country I could be from. Then I replied to them by saying "Mein India se hoon". They were startled after listening to me speaking Hindi. I cut off the conversation by ordering a Papad Parantha to the waiter. After appreciating the food over there, I stepped out of the store and headed towards other streets after exploring a bit of Paranthe wali galli. There was a lot of food. I could have puked if I would have seen some more food stalls, because I have literally stuffed myself exactly like Aloo Parantha !