Checking off my lust list in the Hotel...

We were exchanging smiles in the elevator. To cover up the awkward smile, my loquacious personality hit a conversation with that cute looking guy. He was a 21 year old guy, working in the hotel for 2 years till date. He was basically from Uttarakhand, a pahadi guy (boy from hilly areas), said when I asked about him. I was curious to know about him. Because, being a Thallasophile, I have never experienced mountain places till date. And that North East mountaineering plan has suddenly flashed in my mind. My curious instincts, made me ask about the lifestyle of people in those areas. I have asked whether they could be able to get their basic needs like groceries and hospitals or else they had to walk miles to reach the minimum needs.

He replied me saying that, everything is available now. That NOW clearly specified that most of the things weren't actually available back then. After knowing about the developed lifestyle scenario of hilly areas, I have asked him about the travelling experiences in those areas. His answer literally surprised me. He simply said " Come with me, Sir, I will take you wherever you want. May be we can spend some good time together and I will be happy to host you too". Those words from that guy made me feel so good. Because no one have ever said those words to me. All of my acquaintances and so called friends, always wanted to hang out with me and go places together. Most of the times, I was the person who used to spend with my friends for travelling many places with all my expenses. But I have never come across a guy saying that he wanted to take me with his expenses and spend on me. He was a hotel boy and hardly earn thousands. But still, I have fallen for his words. They were so pure and full of chastity. Regardless, his social status and financial status, he put himself in front of me with a sweetest proposal.

He mentioned that I looked charming with all those piercings and swag I was carrying with my persona. He surely got attracted to me physically. I could sense that he was kind of checking me out. I asked him to stop flirting and hitting on me. He hardly understood the terminology. When I said " Yaar, line mat maaro" (Don't hit on me), he replied with a cute and sweet smile. His smile was his answers all the time. We reached the third floor and we were walking towards my room. I have shopped a lot of interiors from Chandni Chowk that day. So, I couldn't be able to open the door. He helped me to open the door with my keys. He placed all the bags on my bed. He also turned on the air conditioner and lights. When he was about to leave the room, I have asked him to sit beside me on my bed. I just wanted to have some more information about Mountaineering in Uttarakhand. He denied sitting on the bed and said "Saab will scold me if he come to know".

I insisted him to sit and then he got comfortable sitting beside me. He immediately asked for my phone number. I was like "That was too soon to ask". Rolled my eyes and raised my eyebrows for that phrase, I have reacted like a blushing girl.

I asked him "Why?"

He replied me saying that he wanted to chat and be in touch with me. He came to know that I was about to leave the place within two days. Hence he expressed his disappointment by saying that it would be good if I would have stayed for some more time. Then I sarcastically, asked him to pay my rent in the hotel for those some more days. He laughed and exclaimed that was I serious about it. He mentioned that he would take care if I could stay for some more days. I denied it by saying that I was just kidding with him.

He was really adorable and too younger to me. With no drama, like other Indians do while someone asks their phone numbers, I have given my number to him. He said, he would be texting me through his brother's mobile as he wasn't having a mobile on his own. He was a completely honest and curiously innocent man. When I asked him some more details of him, he apologized me by saying that he has some work to be completed as some other guest needed something very basic. I understood him and bid a bye. He asked me till when I would be awake. I said "It depends!"

Suddenly, in the midnight at 2, I got a call to the landline in my room. I wondered why the reception people were ringing me up at that point of time. I was arranging my clothes for the next day. I have attended the call and found that it was the guy who talked to me in the elevator. I have realized that I didn't ask his name. He called me to know whether I need some water. He sarcastically mentioned that I might have needed some water in the midnight. He remembered that night when I checked into the hotel. I became conscious a little bit, because that clearly specified that he has been watching me since day one. To know what was running in his mind, I have asked him to get a water bottle. By the time he arrived at my doorstep, I was semi naked. I think I was wearing boxers. I called him into the room. He came and was kind of shocked with the luggage I was having. I started calling him Chotu, because he was cutesy like a kid. He asked me when I would be sleeping. I sarcastically answered him by saying "Why? Do you wanna sleep with me?"

He laughed and said he wanted to but he couldn't because of the hotel restrictions. I was like "Woah, Chill, I was trying to pull your legs". He whispered silently by saying, "Wish, it was true". I was confirmed that the guy wanted to have some intimate session with me. Then my check list came into my mind. Yes, Sex with Hotel boy. I have a lust list where all my hidden fantasies lie. I thought of fulfilling it. But he was younger to me which was a major turn off.

I stopped giving him hints and I have diverted the topic by asking about his dinner. After a few moments, he suddenly came closer to my face and kissed on my lips. Actually, it was a peck. Soon after that, he apologized me and said he would be leaving. He rushed out of my room.

I was broken into laughter in the middle of the night. That was too funny and totally kiddish. If he could have kissed me properly, I would have marked a tick in one of those checkboxes in my lust list.

Well, that was not the end though. Because, something else has happened the next night when I came to the hotel bit sooner than the previous days........

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