Chapter 9 - Corollaries...

Too many side effects.

There will be side effects for every single aspect in life, be it medically, biologically, emotionally, personally, professionally and even financially too. One can never skip those side effects of life aspects. Because those by-products are important for the result. They depress you, they degrade you, they make you suffer, but in the end, they make you healthily stand on your legs.

Corollaries are such side effects, which come along with instincts, something which is added and superfluous. I wanted to use this word to mention the side effects of Hannah's transformation when he was explaining every single detail of his story. Side effects/added causes for a Transgender person are always more and come with a larger package than any other person. Because, at the same time, they have to deal with two bodies and two souls. The package would be heavier. Likewise, being a Trans-man, Hannah also had to suffer these corollaries in the form of medical and emotional side effects.

For a transgender person, the emotional side effects are more painful than the surgical side effects. The amount of judgmental criticism is always too much to handle for a transgender person which makes that particular person transforms into a low-degraded soul or an aggressive one. Both cases are harmful to society. Because of these emotional side effects, some are giving up their lives by committing suicide and some are aggressively behaving in the society which is indeed degrading the value of the Transgender community.

In the case of Hannah, he has emotionally degraded by his family members, friends, cousins, and society. He lost hopes on his transformation from female to male. Though he wanted to be a man these emotional side effects have made him weak and hopeless. Fortunately, Tabassum has entered into his life and changed the direction of his thoughts by becoming a ray of hope in his life. He got someone, who has accepted the way he was (in a female form) and encouraged Hannah to transform into the body he desired to match his soul. Tabassum and Hannah have decided together to get into a relationship and marry each other after Hannah's transformation.

This 23-year-old couple has successfully planned the whole transformation process. They have approached doctors, talked to them, analyzed the whole process, financially set up for the initial steps of transformation, got approvals from a psychologist, took testosterone shots on the advice of the doctor in Delhi. Dr. Kaushik, Dr. Raghav, and Dr. Arun have played a vital role in Hannah's transformation. But the medical side effects faced by Hannah were intense. They were scary indeed for a person to feel the change which was new and different.

Those testosterone shots were the artificial hormones, which injected into the body to make those hormones spread whole over the body. Hannah had to get injected twice in a month. Soon after her first testosterone shot, he felt dizzy, uneasy, vomiting sensations and were about to faint. His fingers were swollen and some of his body parts became painful after the first shot of testosterone. The situation was quite inexplicable because that was the first time, a female body was reacting to the male hormone. Slowly, after a few shots, Hannah's body started reacting to the male hormones in a good way and gradually, the female hormones in Hannah's body got substituted with Male hormone called Testosterone.

The side effects weren't easy to handle and Hannah indeed felt torturous, but the feeling of getting transformed has dominated the pain and he started enjoying the pain too because he traveled in the trance of transforming into a man. Emotionally he was strong when he was medically struggling during the initial phases of transformation. Because, Tabassum stood by his side, accompanied him in every single session. They worked together, they transformed together, they understood and they faced the judgments together.

Hannah started taking these testosterone shots in July 2018 and as he was a female at that time, he expected his periods would stop the next month. But, unfortunately, that didn't happen, because it was too soon for a person to get transformed into another gender. On August 23rd, 2018, she got her periods again. That time, the bleeding was heavy, the cramps were unbearable. He felt his bones were getting crushed, he had a severe headache and body pains for those three menstrual days. He felt confused and his excitement levels got dropped all of a sudden. He approached his doctors and have seen a few transformation videos, which has mentioned that it takes 4 months for a person to transform from one gender to another. Hannah disappointed a bit, but consoled himself, because he has waited so long till then, he convinced himself by saying to his soul, that he could wait for four more months.