Chapter 7 - Biology

Biology, the only part of science, which is interesting to know and learn, but put people in utmost dilemma and fear in practical daily life. Biology is the reality for a human. It can make and also break the person. It is difficult to deal and hence, doctors treated as Gods because they can deal this science in a way where any person can understand and get out of those situations which let a person in dilemma and fear.

In the same way, Hannah had gone through a lot of biological and medical fluctuations in his life during his transformation from a SHE to a HE. The journey of Hannah's transformation wasn't easy though. It was a path filled with thorns and the weather was always stormy. But he crossed all those hurdles and finally transformed himself into the way he always dreamed about. Well, the seeds of his dreams have sown in his mind ground at the age of 15, when he was in Ninth grade at school.

That time, he was a curious girl who loves to study any subject intensely and the girl who always topped the class. That curiosity was so helpful for Hannah to explore herself. Coincidentally, while he was that young teenage girl, his biology teacher came up with the most exciting chapter that day, Reproductive system and Sex education. For any pupil, in his/her childhood, this chapter would be entertaining, exciting and also shameful too. Because the Indian Education system has molded the students in a way that they feel shy to talk about sex. But Hannah, was an exception because she was going through several doubts in her mind after the class has completed.

Hannah, couldn't resist himself asking those doubts to his biology teacher, back then at school. She rushed into the cabin of the teacher and posed a few controversial questions that a teacher could ever expect. She curiously asked her teacher about the doubt which resembles his struggling to know his sexuality. She asked the teacher, "what if a girl feels ejecting out the semen without having a man's genitals in her body?" The teacher startled to his tricky question and asked Hannah to give her some time to get back with the solution.

That question was unexpected from a girl, but he was curious back at school. The reason for posing such kind of questions was an article in a newspaper. Back then in childhood, Hannah was an ardent lover of reading news articles. She got habituated of reading newspapers because of her other family members who use to stay in Bangalore. Once, she found out the article about the "Sex change" in Bangalore Mirror edition. She got excited and read the whole article to know the process of Sex change. She came to know about the famous doctor of India, Dr. Kaushik, the surgeon who does Transgender surgeries. Transforming a man to a woman and a woman to a man is his specialty. She also read that it costs 8 Lakhs to get transformed totally into another gender person medically and legally too.

Being excited, Hannah ran to her mother to express her views about the article. Her mother got her pulse and directly asked her a question that whether she would also want to get transformed medically or not. Hannah was confused and afraid of the later consequences, hence she answered her mother that she was just expressing her views. But her mother was mostly sure of her daughter's thoughts. She sensed that her daughter wanted to transform like a man. Hannah's family already consisted of three men, her father, and her two brothers.

Because of her older brother's collection of Porn videos in his mobile, Hannah started falling for girls and internally she felt that her way of orgasms was different from other girls. Her body made her feel that she was ejaculating semen without having manhood in her body. That was too confusing for Hannah. She came to know that her soul and body were mismatched. Because her soul reflected a Man and her body resembled a Woman.

While she was waiting for the answer from her teacher for a week, she came to know that the teacher had quit school due to some health and personal issues. Hannah felt too bad about it because her question was still unanswered and the answer got stuck up with the biology teacher. Nothing could stop her knowing the answer to her question. So, Hannah visited her teacher at her home.

The biology teacher surprised when she saw Hannah at her doorstep. She welcomed her and made her feel comfortable by providing drinks and snacks. So, after a few moments, Hannah again asked the question. Then, her biology teacher asked her in return that why did she ask about it. Then, Hannah had to say everything about how she was feeling about her body and attractions towards other girls.

Hannah expressed her love for one of her classmates to her biology teacher. And also said that her soul and body got mismatched to each other. She knew that she wasn't homosexual. She knew that she was in the wrong body. She was frustrated to be in a girl's body. Her biology encountered every single emotion of Hannah. And confirmed Hannah, that she was in a wrong body and to get into a right body, she must wait for years and she must face a lot of processes to get transformed into a man.

The teacher has shown Hannah, many videos about Transgenders and their medical transformations. Hannah saw many surgeries in the videos and got afraid of the core. But after seeing the reactions of the people who got transformed medically, she felt happy and motivated. Because, people who have already transformed from a man to a woman or a woman to a man, were happier than ever. They felt that their souls got connected to their bodies. All the pain in the surgeries became pleasures post surgeries. That day, those videos and her biology teacher have motivated Hannah to get "Transformed" to a Man.

The curious personality of Hannah asked her biology teacher regarding the process and requirements to get transformed. But, the teacher asked her to calm down a bit, because she lacked "Testosterone". Hannah has no idea about the word because she was in her 9th grade. Then her teacher explained that Testosterone is a male hormone which helps for male sexual behaviors and personality appearance and growth. And Hannah's teacher explained to her that she couldn't get transformed, then because of her early teenage and suggested her to get transformed post her Eighteen. Because she would be major and eligible for legal transformation.

A transgender person (Trans-man or Trans-woman) needs Psychological therapies to prove that he/she is in the wrong body and need to get transformed to lead a connected life with one's soul. And for a Trans-man (the person who born as a female and gets transformed into a male), Testosterone certification, Psychologist approval, Medical approvals, and Legal approvals must be needed to get transformed medically without any risks socially and biologically too.

Though Hannah got disappointed after listening to the facts that she couldn't get transformed easily, the costs behind the surgery, the process of approvals and much more, Hannah have a hope of transformation. She knew that she could do it at any cost. She never lost hope. Her biology teacher has helped her come out of the biological dilemma and fears about the science behind the transformation.

For any person, there would be a teacher who always becomes a life guide. For Hannah, it was her biology teacher, who didn't judge, criticize but cleared all her do