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Chapter 6 - Serendipitous

Life is a coincidental fact. There is a connection between every happening in this world. It makes people get into each other accidentally and serendipitously turn their life. 

Hannah and Tabassum met each other virtually in a very unexpected way. The closeness between them has transformed into beautiful virtual intimacy and their connection has been becoming stronger day by day. Tabassum was the ray of hope to Hannah whereas Hannah was the reason behind Tabassum's recovery from her mental trauma. Their companionship made them lost in their worlds to meet each other. Their dreams were all about their bright future together to stay peacefully and happily. But that could be possible if Hannah was a Straight man. But She was a Trans-man and also not transformed too. 

The clarity was only from Hannah's side because she was the only who knew the reality of her personality. Tabassum didn't have any clue about Hannah's sexual orientation because Hannah had never revealed about her identity and her appearance below the neck except few fake genital pictures. But Tabassum always had doubts about Hannah's soft voice and emotional content. When Hannah slowly gets transformed into a male personality and prepared society to accept her totally as a man, she has decided that she would only meet Tabassum after her total transformation into a man. 

After so much emotional turmoil at home, Hannah has decided to go on a vacation with her cousins. She trusted them and has revealed her sexual orientation to them, which indeed made them take advantage of it. All her cousins and Hannah have planned a trip to Ajmer from Bangalore after Hannah's graduation day. Hannah has completed her graduation by claiming one of the top ranks in her university. But her educational achievements weren't helpful to her just because she was a Trans-man. The happiness of her graduation has vanished with the painful incident, she has faced with her cousins on the trip. 

While traveling from Bangalore to Ajmer, there were many conversations arrived, which made Hannah confused, frustrated and irritated because of the judgmental criticism she has faced by her cousins. In the train, her cousins have posed her few annoying questions about her sexual orientation. Hannah patiently answered every question to let them understand what she was going through during her transformation. Some of the comments irked her off. Instead of getting furious, Hannah perfectly handled them. But, they say, right if we think in a good way, we get bad results. The same thing has happened that night during the travel towards Ajmer. Hannah's cousins were rude, ruthless and totally out of their human values. They have snatched all her money and gadgets, by leaving her all alone in the Ajmer Railway station. She hardly had any money left to travel with her back home. She didn't know what to do then. She wept a lot. She was hopeless and penniless too. She needed more money to get back to her home. 

In the whole world, she only thought about one person who she was sure that one person would help her. It was Tabassum. But, Hannah was hesitant to call her, though her number was on her tips and the only phone number Hannah remembered. Hannah didn't want to ask the help of Tabassum and wasn't ready to show herself before the medical transformation. Hannah had no choice left. So she has called Tabassum from a phone booth nearby the station. Hannah has explained her whole situation to Tabassum. After listening to it, Tabassum had analyzed the situation. Without any next thought, she insisted Hannah to visit Delhi and meet her. Hannah left from Ajmer to Delhi with the amount she had. 

But she was very unsure about her unexpected meeting with Tabassum. Because Hannah was still a female and lied about her identity and sexual orientation to Tabassum. Hannah was ready to face the situation, no matter what was going to be happening. Hannah came to a point in her mind that even though Tabassum would reject her, she would be happy meeting Tabassum in person. She has assumed that Tabassum would break the relationship with her post revelation of her identity with her appearance. But all her thoughts came to an end when Tabassum just gave a smile soon after she met her. 

Hannah apologized for cheating Tabassum regarding her sexual orientation and pleaded her not to leave because she has done everything out of love. Tabassum simply said that she has already known about it because she could sense it through Hannah's conversations and her pictures. Tabassum was good at understanding people and when it comes to Hannah, she treated her the way Hannah wanted to get treated. Tabassum never mentioned Hannah as "She", because for her, "She was always a He". The family of Tabassum was too particular about male personalities. Hence, Tabassum asked Hannah about his transformation of sexual orientation. Hannah has promised her that he would get transformed before meeting her whole family to get married to her. Hannah convinced Tabassum and she understood him to the core. Since that day, Hannah has completely started treating herself and portraying herself as a Male or Trans-man and made people call her with the pronouns of him and his. 

Sheikh Hannah, took a brave step in his life, though he was facing a lot of struggles regarding the sexual orientation and making people accept him the way he was. He has lied to his love, but convincingly he was so true in his love towards her. Though he met her serendipitously and unexpectedly, his honesty and truthfulness made Tabassum think about considering him to travel with him in his controversial and struggling life. But it wasn't easy for him to make people understand about his sexual orientation and feelings towards his Tabassum. Because of his incomplete transformation as a man, people mistook him for someone else and made him feel embarrassed and annoyed every single day. 

After reaching Delhi and meeting Tabassum, his self-confidence got boosted up to another level. Because he got someone who accepted him the way he was before the total transformation. Maybe, this is what love is, loving a person perfectly with all the imperfections. After meeting the love of his life, he flew back to Bangalore with the help of Tabassum. Hannah decided to leave the house after everything she has faced in her home from her father and brother. Though Hannah's mother and eldest brother didn't want him to leave the house, he has decided to leave at any cost to start a new phase of his life with the person who knew him and understood him to the core. Hannah wanted to transform into a complete man. For that, he needs money for his medical purposes. For that, he had to earn money right after his graduation. He also wanted to share his time with his girlfriend, Tabassum. Hence he selected Delhi as an ideal place to start his life. But it wasn't too easy for Hannah to start a life in Delhi as an incomplete Trans-man. Professionally, Personally, Medically and most importantly biologically he had to undergo a lot of struggling circumstances. It wasn't easy...

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