Chapter 5 - Ray of Hope...

God play different kinds of games with Humans. Indeed, human lives are god's favorite game to play. He takes away something important from us and also give another thing which is equally important to what he has taken away. It's always a trade between Humans and Unknown spirit. We lose and we gain, be it things or persons. The same way, Hannah also left alone many times when her best companions left her due to various reasons. But she met someone later, which she knows that she can never lose that person, Tabassum.

In her graduation days, Hannah didn't want to portray herself as a girl, because she knew that she was a Trans man. She started exploring herself and coming out slowly to society to let them understand what she was. Though she was facing hell lot of criticism from family, friends, and neighbors in the society, she never gave up on herself to portray as Trans Man. And she used to continuously inquire about the operations that must be needed to transform herself into a man. She started knowing her biological changes and medical requirements too. While she was facing hurdles in her life regarding her sexual orientation, her sexual urges were also getting increased. She started getting attracted to girls. She was in her teenage and she could sense the hormonal changes in her body. She started feeling to have intimate affairs with girls. That's quite common for any teenage kid.

As it was very difficult to understand such a complicated personality and sexual orientation of Hannah, she couldn't be able to approach girls in reality. She chose virtual social media to approach girls. Her fake Facebook profile with a male celebrity picture was her mode of communication with random girls in India. Like any teenage kid, she has also made few mistakes in revealing her appearance and identity. It was the day, when Indian Diva, Priyanka Chopra has launched her First English television series, Quantico on social media. Hannah, who was the fan of Priyanka Chopra, has looked at the post and mesmerized for Priyanka's Hollywood debut. Hannah, read every comment on the post and found one comment very enticing and appealing to her. It was Tabassum from Delhi, who has commented on her post with her broken English. Hannah tried hard to understand the person behind the comment. Because sometimes broken language can deliver better meaning and the ability to understand it. Her comment was all about women empowerment and how Tabassum always get inspired by Priyanka Chopra's deeds. After reading the comment, Hannah has gone through Tabassum's profile.