Changes you must face when you don't reciprocate romantically to your partner!

Romantic relationships build on the aspect of romance and consistent romantic attractions. Be it casual dating, a serious relationship, or a lifelong commitment, all these romantic bonds work only when a couple reciprocates each other romantically and sensually. Needless to say, all forms of sex play a prominent role in keeping a couple attracted to each other physically and forming connections emotionally. Call it intimacy or basic necessity; romance is indeed an essential factor to bring two people together in every possible way. But what if you go unfocused, lose the zeal, and neglect that important aspect of your romantic life? Well, trivial changes may result in massive moves and ultimately any couple may end up questioning their romantic bonds.

Agree with it or not, no two people contain the same kind of libido levels, sexual fantasies, and sensual attractions. Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to romance. For some, a slight peck is all enough to fall in love but for some continuous sexual hangouts beget them feel attracted to each other. In the process of exploring the extremes, a couple must find the balance, if not that relationship may go unbalanced.

That consensual aspect is important no matter what. You can't force someone to act romanticly with you, even though if you are married to any person. That's inappropriate, but it also doesn't mean that your relationship goes smoothly if you keep restricting the factor of romance. If you say 'no' to romance purposely or unintentionally to your partner, you become the person who invites drastic changes in your relationship.

Indeed, romance is the key part of a relationship where it doesn't allow one's partner to divert one's path. Do you think it is difficult for a person to find a romantic substitute in this modern world? Unlike earlier eras, now relationships are happening after exploring each o