Carte Blanche!

Act only when you have unlimited authority given by a fellow person. If not, please back off.

It can be simply mentioned as Consent or Approval. The most important thing is to be thinking about before acting in your own way with others. Consent must be needed to do anything with anyone. Go ahead if it is a YES and you won't have any authority to argue about it is a NO. Because No means No.


It's simple as that. Consent is the one which is applicable to everything, say its People, Place and Situation. Both consent of approval and consent of disapproval should be treated equally in the same manner. If you have an approval, you move further and think about the next step. If you don't have, just leave it off then and there.

Consent can do miracles in every single possible way. Let me tell you one thing, Consent can be sexy too. Trust me, next time before you try kissing someone, ask them for their consent. "May I kiss you?" is that one phrase which make the other person think about your proposal twice and there are major chances that you end up kissing him/her. Asking for someone's permission before accidentally or forcefully committing an act, will actually make them feel safe and secure. They feel happy that you care for their approvals and emotions. No one in this whole world wants to do something that has to be done forcibly. People love to have their freedom of Choice.

Will you eat if someone firmly stuffs your mouth? You spill off the food right. It's the same, if you act forcefully with someone, the situation will definitely go wrong. Consent in dating, Consent in Love and Consent in relationships will be the same forever. Just because the stages of connection changes, doesn't mean that the Concept of Consent dilutes.

Because, it is the same person whom you are within all those stages of Dating, Love and committed relationship. Yes, the comfortable levels do get increase when you cross each stage. Is it fair enough to force your partner just because you are comfortable enough with him/her?

Even while wedding, people exchange vows which says, "Will you accept your willful wife/husband?", not forceful wife/husband. So it is the same, when you are that one person who asked the consent of approval from your partner to kiss him/her, Why can't you be the same when you are in a Committed relationship?

Think about it once !

If you think having rights on each other means having rights on forcing your partner to do something he/she is not willing for, then you are the person who must be prepared to count the number of bars in a prison. It's a Crime. Consent of approval is more important than anything in any relationship. Its just not only applicable for dating, love, sexual relationships, marriage, etc, it is also applicable to choice of education, choice of sexual orientation, choice of a person to spend the rest of the life, choice of everything that matters a person the most.

So please act accordingly and only if a person allows you to act with the unlimited and unrestricted authority. If two countries following this basic principle where the lives of millions of people included, I think it is way easier for two persons to follow between them. So please, treat Consent as the most prioritized one in any relationship.

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