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Can you bear the bears?

Surely not referring to the wild bears and polar bears, though they are fierce and adorable! Oh, yes! But referring to the physical and emotional traits of those bears. How many of you are aware of the term called "Tribes"? Well, tribes are the classifications among one particular community basing on a few physical characteristics like the body, hair, interests, and many more. You may wonder, this is one kind of stereotyping people under one roof. No, this is completely different. Tribes are the healthy segregations which are made to recognize or identify a particular type of people under one name. Bears are one of those categories. Of course, the name is derived from the animal kingdom, but it used to identify certain types of people which makes a person undoubtedly find his interests in a particular kind of person.

The gay community is full of different kinds of men, and they are categorized according to their interests, preferences, likes, tastes, fashion, body type, size including the size of the hair, etceteras. Out of all the categories, bears are the ones in which a person must be capable to confirm whether he can deal with them or not beforehand. These men are not wild though but at the same, you can't hit their caves and run. You must be having an idea of how bears look while sipping water from a pond and while eating flesh right, both gentle and wild.

To get along with these particular types of men, you must understand a few things which make you eligible to bear a gay bear for life. The point to be noted: Gay bears are completely bearable and endurable. Most importantly, one must know the body type of gay bears completely. People come with various assumptions and generalizations, but a bear is a person who looks big enough in mass, regardless of being muscular or fat or chubby. Broadly, people consider all the chubby looking potbelly guys as bears. But indeed bears are the larger men, who can be muscular and also can be stout.

Speaking of being chubby, gay bears never body shame themselves and also don't like people who are into body shaming. They respect themselves and also others too. So, if you want to have a bear in your life, stop degrading yourself and others too. Gay bears are adorable like teddy bears. The best gay tribe to cuddle or to climb up and sleep on wide chests.

Gay bears are one category that includes both body type and hair type too. These men prefer to maintain their facial hair and body hair. Hence, you can see gay bears in long beards, ducktail beards, they maintain at least a stubble. Sometimes you can see their face clean-shaven, but never expect them to trim or wax their hairy bodies. They just love their body hair, and that's why they are bears. Though there are some more categories under hair types, gay bears always dominate with their personalities.

Don't consider them wrong. They never dominate and they are the kindest ones you can ever bump into. It's just their tremendous personalities that make them visible like dominating and fearful. And at the same time, it doesn't mean you go to a bunch of gay bears and throw some sarcasm at them. Initially, they may take you like a fish jumping over them for fun but later they may act as bears who love to catch fish!

Don't consider it as a stereotype, but there is one fact revealed out of many surveys that gay bears are matured, men. Hence, if you find a boy or a guy tagging himself as a bear, just overlook him. Because they come under different categories. Bears are the ones who are mature enough. They understand and act properly. They can be sometimes father figures in offering suggestions and also can be a man-child if they act lovey-dovey. Isn't it cute seeing a huge man speaking emotional words with love?

That's the contradiction with gay bears; they seem difficult but they are simple to handle. All they need is proper love, affection, and care. But people habitually take them for granted because of the age constraint. To be precise you find gay bears only above age 30. Because typically it takes a man to look like a bear after a certain period (puns intended.). And there's one ridicule factor in the gay community, that people straight away reject men who are aged more than forty without giving an attempt to understand them or talk to them.

Gay bears don't follow modern trends. Some are fashionable and some are simple. They don't care much about appearances because they appear clean and clear without any flashy filters. But people are behind new trends. Indeed bears have their own fashion statements by carrying latex, leather and harnesses so wildly and gracefully too. But only few can get into such stuff. So, people who understand the value of being simple can get along with gay bears.

Gay bears can be gentle and at the same time can be wild in bed. They get along with you and follow your specifications. They know when to ride rapidly and when to slow down. Because they are completely experienced. But there are some aspects like difficulties in having sex because of the huge stomach or massive body. You can manage them by opting for the positions which allow you to make love comfortably. Indeed sideways sex is most preferred. You can cuddle and also you can have sex at the same time!

So, if you are a person who loves huge men with matured personalities and who wants you to understand and accept completely, with whom you can chill out like a baby and with whom you wanted to feel like protected, then gay bears are the best options for you to date and share your feelings with. Who said rugged personalities were the harsh ones, try meeting gay bears, you will understand how wrong your assumption is!

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