Burst the Bubble...

Bubbles are cozy and fabulously happening. They are beautiful and spread happiness for shorter moments. They are aerial and go with the flow of cool breeze, but at the end of the day, they get a burst for sure. The air inside the bubble must blend with the air outside the bubble. That's quite natural and bubbles say a lot about Life. Especially Love life.

If you are above 20 something, you would have already led some part of your valuable dating life in a bubble because of the restricted environment of yours or your partner. Hiding yourselves and your love from the society, family, friends, workplace, neighbors and anyone other than you and your partner is all about staying in a bubble. Which means, your dating life always comes with boundaries and it is limited. But that doesn't mean people who stays in bubble have ridiculous dating life. Indeed, they are the ones who can lead a better love life. Each second would be interesting, thrilling, exciting and filled with lots of hidden intimate moments. That feeling itself is amazing and everyone must try it for once in a lifetime to date your partner secretly because that includes a lot of adventures which can be cherished forever.

But, do you think that leading an adventurous life every single day is recommended for someone's physical and mental health? Hell, No. Because, that's not how life works. Because we humans get easily bored and fed up of any kind of lifestyle no matter how special it could be for you. Sometimes, we strive for the normal lifestyle to get accepted by every single person around us. Unfortunately, many relationships in India are comfortable staying in bubble with more regrets than excitement factors. If love comes with regrets, then sorry, it's not going to be emotionally good for any person. In India, regardless genders and orientations, many people are leading screwed up life just because of many external and internal factors like society, caste, creed, religion, work ethics and many more. People are mostly leading hidden dating life than coming out as clear as a couple. That's sick most of the times!

Hence, people must try to burst their comfortable bubble space and blend with the society and the criticism too to lead a normal life after facing hurdles from people and the societal pressures. And that's not simple, but it's necessary to lead a good healthy life. Hiding reality is never going to stay as a secret for a long time and that also comes with a lot of lies and many disturbances with people who are closer to you. Because, at the end of the day, your closest pals are the ones who know you well than your partner right. It's not that staying in a bubble is harm. But, staying in it for longer spans is unhealthy. You lose interest and the flavor of love. You feel the thirst of acceptance and dating life validation from the society. Rather than focusing on your partner, you always end up thinking about people and covering up the original facts which indeed leads you to fake with your own personalities. And that's when the real arguments and disturbances start in any bubbled up relationships.

And sometimes, this may end up in unfortunate breakups. The breakups which excludes all the societal drama because of the hidden relationships. And some may take advantage of it. Like your partner may convince you for a hidden relationship just because he needs someone who is discreet about love. Or your partner is scared of society. Sometimes, some partners are not even the partners of love, but they pretend love to use you sexually, financially, emotionally and physically. And is it that necessary to stay in bubble with such kind of people? Imagine, if someone who is always against you in every issue, find out your so called bubbled up relationship, they will take advantage of your delicate situations. Because that's how enemies work. They keep an eye on your every move.

Staying in bubble must be in a graceful and in an intimate way. Be in that relationship bubble till you enjoy your secrecy and privacy. Be in a bubble, till you feel comfortable with each other. Be in a bubble, till you know when to burst it and come out of it. But you must do that at some point of life. And you must make a move at the time when the damage levels are very low. Because, the amount of lies you say about your hidden relationship are directly proportionate to the levels of damage with your people and the society.

When you burst the bubble, you will get the face the reality and you get to know where you stand in the society and most importantly, you get a chance to filter people who accept and who deny your relationship status. The amount of criticism is surely more and you may feel like giving up, but that's all for a very less time. Because reality always seems difficult but it relieves a person from all the other disturbances. And a relationship must always be stress free. So, burst the bubble in right time and also make sure you must burst the bubble for your healthy dating life. Make adjustments, make promises, come out of your comfort zones, face the hurdles, face the societal criticism and get accepted not for the people's acceptance but for your mental health and for your love. Think about bursting the bubble.