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Bumper Cars... - NSFW 

Are you the fan of Bumper car game? Do you like bumping into other's cars? Do you like dashing their car with yours always and continuously? Am I sounding little weird by asking all these weird questions to you all of a sudden?

In this millennial era, everyone is behind fantasizing about Cars. Some dream about big cars and some dream about branded cars. People like me, dream about having sex in cars. Well, that's not a bad idea though. Indeed Cars are the best places to have sex in many positions.

When, talking about sex positions and sex in cars, I want to share a sensual information about one of the sex positions which named "Bumper Cars"

Bumper car sex position is one of the intense anal sex positions in between any two persons. The story behind the name is quite meaningful and sensual yet funny too. Bumper cars are those cars which always bump into each other. I think many of you have seen bumping car game. This sex position is all about Bums. Bums are butts. This sex position is all about bumping the bums.

You may wonder how bums can get bumped continuously? Yes, your's and your partner's soft bums can be bumped like bumper cars. This is the anal sex position, which indeed mean that it can be practiced while penetrating. But the penetration must be happened from the back side and not from the regular front side. Hence, this position is less intense.

This sex position can be practiced in a way where the bottom guy must be laid on a bed or couch or floor normally like a sleeping position. Then the top guy must penetrate his dick into the butt hole of bottom guy by sleeping in the opposite direction, which means, there won't be anybody to body contact in this position. This position urges the top guy to penetrate deep inside the butt hole in an opposite direction.

The level of difficulty in practicing this sex position is kind of more to top guy who penetrates and the bottom guy also should be laid in such a way where the butt muscles can be flexible and can take the penis inside him. Lubrication while practicing this position is much recommended for smooth penetration.

This is one intense anal position and can only be tried by the people who loves wild sex adventures. This position is one kind of adventure and a rare one to attempt. Be careful while practicing this position regarding the space around you. If you try to attempt at small places, it will be clumsiest. The best place to enjoy this position is on large couches or fluffy beds. The partners can feel each others bums clashing while penetrating into each other. The tenderness of balls can also be felt properly in this position, unlike other positions because this is the only sex positions where a top guy penetrates from back side that too in downward direction.

The wildness of this position is so amazing if people attempt in a correct way. This can make the top guy reach to prostrate of the bottom guy, which is indeed orgasmic. And yes, the pain in this position is little more for bottom guys and one must take care how he placed on floor or couch or bed. It's all about settling one's position in a flexible way.

So, Play Hard and Be Safe while attempting this sex position. Have a Sexy Weekend. Meet you next Saturday with another sensual sex position.

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