Broke the Spell...

Andy and I became very close to each other, post our conversation in the mall. I really felt connected to his words and his utmost simplicity. There were no intentions in mind to get along with him. After our lunch, we roamed inside the mall and have explored few stores from "The Bazaar". We coincidentally asked each other about smoking. We decided to have a smoke. So we had to get outside of the mall. We literally sat on the grass that was near to the entrance of the mall. It was completely road side. We didn't bother much about the crowd. We sat and peacefully had our smokes. I felt so good talking to him on that green grass. When I expressed about my interests towards greenery, he suggested me that we could hang out at the Botanical Gardens, which was nearby the mall. After getting a lot of stares and facing those irritating people, I have decided to hang out with him till evening in the Botanical Gardens.

We walked on the roads in the hot sun. We reached the gardens and the place was so serene, calm and full of greenery. Of course, botanical gardens are made in that way. It was not so big like other botanical gardens, but it was quite large for the crowd around. I haven't had coffee that day since morning. I really needed a cup of coffee to revive my energy and get back to my active mood. I was exhausted of walking till the gardens. We sat on a bench, which was under a big tree and completely fallen into conversations. We chatted about each others relationships and I casually asked about his recent sexual encounters. He said, his recent sex has been just a week before the day. He was in Open relationship, so having fun around with people was allowed and kind of normal for him. But I have never been into open relationship and I could never relate myself to that kind of relationship too.

Since childhood, I was habituated of being with my boyfriends or else being single. I fuck around and have sexual encounters only when I'm single. If I'm in a relationship, I won't fuck around because my total focus would be on my boyfriends. I made myself like that. So when he asked me the same question, I hesitantly answered him and mentioned that I had sex on Jan 27th 2019. It was on my birthday with my 14th boyfriend in Pondicherry. He was startled to my response that how come I was so particular about the date. Yes, I was in a relationship and I had sex only with my boyfriend. Post breakup, I didn't have sex with anyone, though I got too many sex proposals. I might not have moved on from my ex boyfriend, hence I didn't allow anyone to get into me. After the breakup, I went to Delhi and stayed there for two weeks. Too many sex proposals and lust worthy messages from Delhi people, literally made me feel desperate and I ended up having sex with no one. After Delhi, I have traveled to Hyderabad. And I was with him that day. I have explained all the story till the date. We laughed about my weird mindset and choosiness in people.

We went for a coffee in one of the cafe points in botanical gardens. We relaxed ourselves on chairs and I had my coffee. I was appreciating it like too much. Andy wondered why coffee lovers feel so exotic after sipping coffee. When I asked him that where he put up in Hyderabad. He said he was residing in a triple bedroom flat with his other gay friends nearby the gardens. I felt really good knowing about his stay and his gay companions. I casually asked him whether I could shift with him if I ever transfer to Hyderabad. Because, staying with gay companions is far better than staying with these annoying people especially straight crowds. Like minded stays are always fabulous. Though I was kidding with him, I felt it was really a nice thing to stay with gay friends in a comfortable way.

We didn't realize how time ran away. It was late evening and we decided to bid a bye to each other and thought of meeting some other time. While coming outside of the gardens, I could see many adorable children playing around. Soon after we came outside of the park, we smoked one more time. I didn't like bidding a lame bye to him. I got connected to him and I thought of visiting his flat. He agreed happily to host me for a while. I wanted to freshen up a bit and lay back for some time. But I didn't know that I end up getting laid. Yes, I broke the spell of my breakup by having sex with Andy and thought of officially finishing up the phase of my past relationship.

We went on foot towards his residential complex. The place was utmost serene and calm. It was so peaceful to have a proper stay in that area. I really adored the place which was plentiful with huge trees, cool buildings and weird artistic exteriors. I have reached his flat. The maid was in the kitchen. I entered his room. It was exactly how I expected, like a bachelor's room. But he maintained it well. He insisted me to get comfortable. He said he really needed a shower after a long walk. He got freshen up. He had his shower and got comfortable in