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Breaking fast with full of love and religious rituals!

Movies are motion pictures that bring life to a story with emotions, experiences, encounters with an engaging and evolving screenplay and that's the very reason many people get to witness many untold stories of the world. And these movies play one of the vital roles in uplifting the queer scenario in every nook and corner of the world. Thanks to the people who put their blood, sweat, and tears to film a particular story to let the world know about people, places, situations, and also communities. Unlike the previous times, the queer oriented movies are being pictured rigorously these days to spread positivity and to create awareness.

Breaking fast is one of such movies which is recently released in January 2021 worldwide to spread a message about the balancing act of religion and sexual orientation, in a romantic yet humorous way. Whenever someone launches a queer movie, it either ends with a sad note or else just ends with a forceful acceptance but this movie precisely makes you feel every single scene and get related with every single shade of every character. You can expect no heavy drama and no typical queer tragic play but full of love, romance, and evolvement of each character.

With the backdrop of the festive season of Ramadan, this movie portrays every minute detail of the holy season, includes every Islamic ritual, and gives you the whole palette of colors of Ramadan. If you are a festival lover, you surely fall in love with all the traditions followed by the main character Mo (shortcut for Mohammed). That's the real drill. Being gay and being Muslim, is one of the controversial aspects when it comes to the clash between religion and sexual orientation.

Instead of ushering you through the pool full of depressing feelings, this movie lets a person understand the sensitive details of religion, faith, holiness and also make a person comprehend how one's sexual orientation has nothing to do with religion. This movie seems simple, but it took a very sensible factor to showcase the world how two people from different religions and different parts of the world, respect their faiths and families, understand each other perceptions and perspectives to just fall in love and flourish their innocent relationship over the 30 days of Ramadan month.

Haaz Sleiman (Mo) and Michael Cassidy (Kal) portrayed the lead roles as gays from West Hollywood who bump into each other at a party thrown by the best friend of Mo and that's how the romantic tale begins. Throughout the movie, you can feel the intense family emotions and religious principles of Mo, the easy-breezy nature of Kal, the sweet yet innocent nature of Sam, the typical yet accepting family drama from the characters of Mo's family. Altogether, you feel connected with every character if you are a person who knows how to balance religious traditions and sexual attractions.

This aspect of Muslim gays is moderately complicated everywhere in the world. Some people say it's unacceptable to be gay in Islam and some people strike that off by telling that Quran has mentioned everyone is accepted and loved regardless of their orientations and identities. There's always a clash between the two sides of the coin, be it regarding religion or sexual orientation or even a person's emotions. There is one particular scene in this movie where you find the three important characters of the flick together get into an intense discussion regarding love and religion. The director Mike Mosallam has perfectly carved this particular scene and the way he made the characters know their perspectives and shades must be truly appreciated.

This 90-minute queer romantic comedy makes you engage from the beginning till the end with its witty dialogues, relatable adaptions, dramatic expressions, and interconnecting characters. This movie makes you witness the West Hollywood Gay culture, the immigrant Muslim mindsets, the understanding abilities of people from diverse parts of the world, the respect towards religious rituals, the family emotions, and crazy friendships, and many more love-life lessons.

Movies like these must be appreciated and shouldn't go underrated. Conveying a serious yet sensitive concept to the crowd and standing against all the odds to prove a particular part as the most acceptable factor is a herculean task. Somehow, the whole cast and crew have tried, managed, and finally made it happen to reach people's hearts without any judgmental criticism. Hence, everydayqueerlife suggest its viewers and readers, give this movie a meaningful watch to understand the crests and troughs of the queer scenario in and around Islam and Gay Muslims.

It's all about one cute gay guy offering his cooking skills to let another gay guy break his fast throughout the month of Ramadan by sharing various experiences, by getting connected at various levels of love, and most importantly by understanding each other's tiny, little world and perspectives! Doesn't it sound romantic? Then yeah, what are you waiting for, go watch it on digital media soon?

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