Breaking fast with full of love and religious rituals!

Movies are motion pictures that bring life to a story with emotions, experiences, encounters with an engaging and evolving screenplay and that's the very reason many people get to witness many untold stories of the world. And these movies play one of the vital roles in uplifting the queer scenario in every nook and corner of the world. Thanks to the people who put their blood, sweat, and tears to film a particular story to let the world know about people, places, situations, and also communities. Unlike the previous times, the queer oriented movies are being pictured rigorously these days to spread positivity and to create awareness.

Breaking fast is one of such movies which is recently released in January 2021 worldwide to spread a message about the balancing act of religion and sexual orientation, in a romantic yet humorous way. Whenever someone launches a queer movie, it either ends with a sad note or else just ends with a forceful acceptance but this movie precisely makes you feel every single scene and get related with every single shade of every character. You can expect no heavy drama and no typical queer tragic play but full of love, romance, and evolvement of each character.