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Boy De Chanel

Beauty is all about style. There is no gender for beauty. Making this phrase as its tagline, the International Luxury Brand "Chanel" has launched it's make up line for men for the first time in the world which is exclusively for men.

In the past, there were many men we could see wearing makeup to unleash the beauty and graceful side of them. We could see many Drag Queens, Gay men, Transgenders who used to sport trendy makeup styles and carried them with ease. Even today, the whole world is running behind the beauty styles. Make up itself has become one of the booming industries currently. One can find many make up brands now in the world and there are many makeup artists who have launched their own makeup lines too.

There is no rule that only women can carry makeup to elevate their beauty. Many men also want to try makeup and most of them have successfully tried and nailed it too. One can find many gay men working as makeup artists in famous brands. They come up with exclusive makeup trends every single day. From foundation to highlighters, concealing to contouring, evening makeup to drastic transformations, there are many varieties of products and many makeup trends followed by successful makeup artists.

But none of the Makeup brands have launched their makeup line exclusively for men. Hence, Coco Chanel is the first brand to set a mark in the current Makeup Industry by launching men's makeup products for the first time Internationally. Chanel is that one luxurious brand which will never step back in experimenting whether it's in clothing or couture or beauty. They always want to rule the world in a different way.

So, for the first time in the World, they have launched the makeup products with the technology which befits men's skin and its harshness. The products literally elevates the beauty of men in three ways as of now. They have started the makeup line with a foundation, eyebrow pencil and a lip balm.

The Boy De Chanel foundation comes in 8 shades from light to deep plus, which are suitable for any skin tone. This is not just a foundation which beautifies the man's skin by covering the blemishes, this is also the foundation which comes with Sun Protection Force of 25 range. So, it elevates the beauty of a man by protecting their skin.

Generally, Men normally don't care about their Eyebrows. But one should also note that, no one wants to strike an intimate conversation with a person who has messed up eyebrows. To shape up the eyebrows in a sharp way to look even sharper, Boy De Chanel Eyebrow Pencil has launched in the market with its four shades. This pencil is two sided one where at one end, retractable pencil exists to give a proper shade and color and on the other side, one can find a spiral brush to shape the brows and facial hair too.

To hydrate the lips of men with natural extracts, Boy De Chanel lip balm has launched with the makeup line. This is a general lip balm with no color added. This lip balm can last up to 8 hours. This reduces the dryness and give an even tone to the man's lips. So, to all the men who go for a luxury date, sport this luxury lip balm.

These three products are just the initial range of Chanel Makeup Line. There are many more products which are yet to be launched internationally. Hope, Chanel comes with its Gender Fluid Clothing collection with their new makeup range for men and nail the International Ramps soon.

Well, the whole world is excited for its colorful products soon. As Chanel had been all about simple yet elegant range, they just started with basic makeup products for skin, eyes and lips. Soon they are going to launch all those highlighters, blush range, eye shadow palettes and many more.

So, what are you waiting for? Shop them from your nearest stores and try them. Sure, you will love them. After all, Chanel has the huge fan following for its products Internationally. Well to all my Indian friends, if you are finding difficulty in shopping from International Carts, visit . This is the one stop to shop whole Luxury makeup range.

Why should girls have all the fun? Guys, prove that you can also nail with your makeup and fill your wardrobe with these luxurious products like your girlfriend or boyfriend.

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