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Bittersweet Memories... Less bitter, more sweet...

We all cherish some of our memories from every single stage of our lives and carry them till the grave. Out of those memories, some situate special place in our life which brings both tears and happiness in our face when we think about them. These kinds of memories are inescapable and indescribable too, because no matter how much ever you try to forget them, they won't get out of your brain but the stages of cherishing those memories will keep on changing. Some memories bring out the tears from our eyes initially will slowly get transformed into such memories which make us feel disgustingly happy and ridiculously cute. Well, most of these memories are from some of the romantic relationships, we have with various people, which are bittersweet memories.

We all have many kinds of romantic relationship stories, which might have ended abruptly or mutually or unfortunately, except some of the fortunate who have been in a relationship with a single person for whole damn life, still, they too have some sort of breakup tales hidden in their past. Speaking about the past, when we think about memories, it indeed means we travel to our past to relive the moment one more time by cherishing them and it is perfectly fine to do that because that's what humans do and humans can't escape from this process. Some breakup stories end up nicely and some won't. People may be in talking terms or they just vanish from each other's life as if they don't exist on earth for them, and everyone has their way of dealing breakups. But there are some hopelessly romantic people, who exit from their partners' life, but still seem existing because of their easy-going personalities who can move on in life with a proper meaning and proper clarity.

For these kinds of people, the number of breakups hardly affects their way of dealing with the world of Love. Hence, these people can handle these bittersweet memories in a full-fledged way and also learn the whole process of transformation of memory from extreme bitterness to total sweetness. Initially, for any kind of person, a breakup would be a bitter memory, it's like death, the death of a romantic bond between two persons. Mourning for love makes a person carry that memory as a bad one, indeed a bitter one. For some people, it takes days, months and years together to consider those breakup moments as memories and continue with life. As they say, the past, never leave us, though we try leave the past. It always haunts us for the whole life. And as time goes on, people start realizing their mistakes and their partners' mistakes. After realizing mistakes, they realize their deserving capabilities to stay in each other's lives, then they slowly start realizing about their preferences, adjustments, arguments, discussions which led to that breakup moment, then they finally check with the reality and start moving on by considering those bitter memories as bittersweet. Like a little tint of sugar can reduce the bitterness of cocoa, a little tint of love can transform a bitter memory into a bittersweet one.

That's when a person starts seeing things positively. It might be because of love or maturity or realizing the reality of things which haven't worked in a past relationship, a person changes the way of memorizing those bittersweet memories. Slowly those deep bitter scars come out as sweet marks in their life. That's how sometimes exes become best friends, which is unexpected for people who see ex-partners as their enemies. Well, that's what love is all about, loving a person, no matter what kind of relationship, they share. Bonds are unbroken if they build on pure feelings and emotions. Even though a couple ends up their relationship in the most unpredictable way, they try to stay in each other's life in person or their memories. This is the most important point where a person gives a try to cherish their bitter memories of his/her romantic relationships to see them as sweet memories later.

In the process of cherishing these memories, some may come together to form a special bond and some may ruminate those old love memories and feel them as fresh and new forever. Sometimes they shed the tears, sometimes they shun the negativity, sometimes they feel the sparkle, sometimes they spread the happiness, sometimes they suggest others regarding their mistakes, sometimes they suffocate themselves with all the flashes, and this is how the bitter breakup memories with our sweet partners become bittersweet memories, less bitter and more sweet.

Bittersweet memories always teach us lessons to build a better future. Don't try to escape from the past, just go with the flow. Don't get influenced, just listen to your hearts. Don't hate your loved one, just love them back selflessly. Don't leave a bitter memory in a bitter form, try to add a little sugar to it to feel the sweetness out of it and only love has the power to do that. Cherish your bittersweet memories and have a smile on your face.

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