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Bi the way...!

By the way, Bisexuals are not half gay and half straight. They are just bisexuals. One sexual orientation cannot be compared or proportioned with other sexual orientations. And sexual preferences definitely won't come under Mathematics because a lot of biological sciences involve in them. So, let bisexuals be the way they are. Don't presume with your stupidity.

So, whenever, someone says that they are bisexual. Ask them the questions related to their personalities and their preferences at that moment, rather than spilling your dumbness by judging them for no reason. A bisexual is a person who is interested in both men and women. That doesn't make him/her, a half gay or a half lesbian. Because sexual orientations are exhaustive and they are never incomplete. And they are surely not like Versatile Gay or Versatile Lesbian just because they see both men and women.

Simply, a bisexual is a person who stays in the same manner no matter with whom he/she sharing his/her space with. They enact in the same way they supposed with both men and women. For a Sexual example, a bisexual man wants to sleep with both men and women, but that doesn't mean his sexual role changes according to the gender. He remains the same with both his male and female partners. He just gives fucks.

And if someone, opens up to you as a bisexual, try to comprehend them and explore what he/she likes about people. That's how you must deal with them. Instead, people start giving irrelevant lectures saying, Bisexuality is just a phase and it happens just because of the anxiousness of a person to explore one's sexual fantasies. Bisexuality is same like Heterosexuality and Homosexuality, it's just the range of preferences are different. And it's never wrong to get attracted to both male and female.

The way, how bisexuals deal men and women are same like how gays, lesbians and straight people deal. This is the main thing where the level of hypocrisy increases in every single person regardless orientations. Why do you think, that the attraction of a bisexual person cannot be out of love? Why, people come to a conclusion, that there is only place for lust in the hearts of bisexuals?

Well, most of them get physically attracted to others initially and it includes Looks, Gestures and Personality too. So, if a bisexual person approaches someone after getting attracted out of love, why their feelings has to be treated as Lust by the people? If you do feel for someone and you approach them after getting physically attracted, how your feelings must be considered as? Love or Lust? Answer to yourself.

This is mostly seen in Gays and Lesbians who are approached by Bisexual men or women. They just simply spill their beans saying that those bisexuals might have approached them just for sex and nothing more than that. So, to all the Gay men and Lesbian women, if you consider your feelings as Love, why don't you think at least once about the feelings of a bisexual person before throwing your sexual sarcasm. But most of them end up judging their feelings with few sarcastic phrases.

Not every bisexual person, wants to end up only in bed. They also love people. Indeed, they love with utmost clarity. And even though, they are attracted to either of the genders, they won't behave like two-timers. But, people are sort of misunderstanding bisexuals in the concept of Love, relationships and attractions.

There is no rule that, a person cannot be attracted and healthily flirt with others just because he/she is in a relationship with another person. Gays and Lesbians react in a weird way when their bisexual partners talk to other men and women, both. Most of them even doubt on their partners if they just strike a conversation with anyone else. But why do they have to behave in an insecure way? Is that the orientation, making these gays and lesbians doubt on their bisexual partners with utmost hypocrisy? It would be surely not in the same way when these gays and lesbians flirt or attracted to other men and women.

Bisexuality is all about preferring both men or women. It is never about having both men and women at the same point of time in a life span. Yes, there are people who double bitch with many others. But this happens in every single orientation. But, why people have to be judgmental enough regarding attractions of bisexual people and behave like social hypocrites?

Think about it once. Don't show your hypocrisy when you deal with bisexuals. The attractions are way more different than relationships. Love is same in every orientation. If it is fluctuating, then it isn't love. The same rule applies for bisexuals too. We don't have to consider their love as Lust just because they can get attracted to both men and women equally. The simple thing is, they can only be with one person, either a man or a woman, though they can get attracted to both a man and a woman.

If you understand the meanings of conjunctions "Or" & "And", then it is easy to understand the meaning of bisexuality.

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