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Being too long delayed is being denied...

It is habitual for a person to take the other person for granted, especially when those two people understand and know each other personally on a different level. For instance, a couple in a romantic relationship may sometimes ignore each other purposely and may hurt each other unintentionally, but in the end, that couple can still create the same old lovey-dovey environment easily without giving a chance to any gaps that separate them from each other and that's called Love.

But sometimes, under the name of love, a person may take an advantage of one's partner by assuming that everything would be the same regardless of how one behaves. This silly perception is very common in any romantic relationship, and this arises after spending a good number of years with a romantic bond. Unfortunately, this is the very reason why many couples are falling apart from each other even though they maintain an inseparable intimate rapport in their relationship.

It all starts with assuming that you know your partner very well than anyone else in the world. Needless to say, any person in a relationship thinks that he knows his partner better but no one can perceive, predict, and completely comprehend what's running in the other person's mind in every single moment of life. When it comes to individualities, even romantic partners aren't exceptions. So, stop thinking that you know your partner and consider that your partner would understand your situation by default, especially when your situation is not at all worth supporting or hearing out.

Priorities do matter. Your partner always wants you to prioritize him/her/them at any moment of your relationship. A true partner understands when you fail at prioritizing due to ethical commitments, professional issues, and communication disturbances, but when you ignore your partner even though you have every possible way to reach your partner, then it specifies that your partner is someone whom you no more consider seriously.

You can't commit a grave mistake and expect others to entertain and accept you the way you are. Similarly, you can't ignore your partner in her face and expect her to behave normally with you. Now you may wonder, why would someone do that to one's partner out of nowhere. Regrettably, many of us do this to our partners in the assumption of being considered normal regardless of how stupid we behave with our loved ones.

For instance, if you get a missed call alert from your partner or else you purposely didn't attend the call because of some other commitments at the workspace or seriously got yourself in a stuck-up situation, then it would be okay if you forgot to call back and surely your partner could understand the whole situation.

But what if you are completely free or enjoying yourself with your friends or colleagues and have all the time in the world to answer your partner's call or can reach out to your partner, but still, ignore your partner's call? And when your partner confronts about the same, if you dare to say that he/she must understand, then it surely specifies your negligence and recklessness towards your partner.

It is okay to presume that your partner can understand your situation or even your recklessness, but it shouldn't become a habit and end up keep doing the same thing day after day. Your partner must be your utmost priority especially when your partner considers you as one's top priority. Just because you think your partner would understand you no matter what, it doesn't mean that your responses must be delayed every single time. This kind of mentality creates repercussions in your relationship.

What if you deliberately ignore reaching your partner out in an extremely critical situation? What if your partner is stuck up in some crucial financial need? What if your partner suffers an accident? What if your partner needs you beside him/her/them just to make sure everything is okay and will be okay further? Do you know how bad a person feels when one's partner fails at being there as support, especially when in the utmost need? It is distressing.

If you intentionally ignore your partner or have a reckless mindset towards your partner or take your partner's love for granted, then step in your partner's shoes to understand how it feels to be ignored or neglected, or abandoned? How do you feel if your partner gives you the same kind of treatment? You get agitated and complain about your partner's behavior considering your so-called relationship. Then why do have to spill hypocrisy and behave like a pervert by engaging your partner as your last priority under the assumption of the concept of understanding?

If you delay your response and purposely reach out late just because you think your partner will understand, then you may miss out on some vital things in your relationship, and in the worst scenario, you may even lose the person who loves you the most. It's a clear denial of priority. If you consider your partner as one of your topmost priorities, regardless of your serious work and personal commitments, then you always try to be there for your partner be it small or big. That's love and it must remain the same instead of diverting yourself with other priorities and completely ignoring your relationship and your partner. Being too long delayed is being denied, be it justice or love.

This phrase applies to people in love in various stages. If your partner delays in coming out as a queer person, it's a clear denial. If your partner delays in making your relationship official, then it's a clear denial. If your partner delays in responding to you in every possible way, it's a clear denial. So try to prioritize what you need and what you deserve. It applies for both the partners in a couple, the one who gets denied and the one who denies!

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