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Being these 'J's feel you joyless in your dating life!

Joy is that one factor every person chases behind the whole life by trying to attain it in every possible aspect by being happy and satisfied. No matter how materialistic you are physically, socially and financially, you can never procure peace mentally and emotionally if you don't know how to be joyful in whatever you have without asking for more and settling for less. Joy can be only accessible to kindred spirits and often people who are romantically into each other experience joy easily because they truly and genuinely care about nothing but love.

But unfortunately, people who date each other under the name of lust, love and longevity in romantic terms, often get diverted and distracted from a few traits that make them feel joyless even though they involve with their romantic partners to make their life joyful enough. If you like to bring joy with your charismatic personality by giving up on a few traits, then you must stop being these 'J's:

Being Judgmental:

It's such a demeaning and berating trait in a person towards any other person. Regardless of introvert, extrovert, modern or old school personality, you can never understand the other person's mindset or situation until and unless you step into the shoes of that person. In a passionate relationship, people come together after calculating, accepting and respecting their similarities and differences but after a certain time, couples tend to take each other for granted out of their habitual love. At this very phase, a person may commit serious blunders judging one's partner's life, lifestyle, career, attire, behaviour, personal priorities and psychological abilities.

True joy lies in accepting one's partner the way the person is, instead of taking advantage of one's position to judge in a devaluing way just to portray yourself as superior in your relationship. Constructive judgments and criticism elevate the strength of your bond with your partner but if you throw judgmental criticism to hurt your partner's feelings, it results in taking joy out of your life in return. Don't be joyless by being judgmental towards your partner.

Being Jealous:

When you unconditionally appreciate someone, you consider that person's everything good or bad as yours. You celebrate your partner's success; you enjoy when someone praises your partner, you embrace every inch if your partner looks hotter than you and you stay unbeatable in being true support only if you know and understand that you love someone who reciprocates the same but on the contrary if you feel jealous about your partner in love, then don't you think you possess a tiny mindset to be in a relationship with someone?

You can purely make your life joyful when you know how to appreciate others, especially your loved ones. If your partner's happiness, success, aesthetic appearance, mental abilities, psychological strength, financial stability, social status, societal standard and most importantly the attention from the outside world, make you feel jealous then it clearly specifies that you aren't in love with that person. You must be in some transactional and materialistic attachment with a person whom you can't appreciate wholesomely. Plus, it doesn't bring you any joy as you surely break up with your partner real soon if you stay the same.

Being Jam-packed:

Nowadays hectic schedules have become a lifestyle trend to depict the image of social status, to earn more and more and to remain in a loop of chasing impossible goals. It's capital to be busy in terms of hardworking to remain responsible and to fulfilling a certain role personally and professionally but being jam-packed with no proper time for one's dating life scenarios, romantic relationships and loved ones, is bad for various reasons. If you can't stay calm when you are stuck up in typical cosmopolitan traffic on a peak hour, then how can you expect your partner to stay sane and sorted if you remain jam-packed with all your personal and professional schedules by neglecting your romantic bond?

Can you derive joy from your love if you can't even show up to your partner when that person truly needs you? Until and unless you make your presence with your partner by appreciating every little thing of your dating life or relationship in every possible way, you can never be joyful enough. Also, what joy does it bring you if you earn money, a name and fame but lose a truly deserving romantic partner in your life?

Being Jeopardising:

People get engaged with you romantically only when they feel protected around you. Expertly, you don't have to be a superhuman to secure your loved ones. You can be a sensible human who doesn't get into unnecessary complications or throw others into unbearable consequences. No one dreams about sharing one's life with a person who is capable enough to put others' lives in jeopardy. No matter how much love you shower on your partner, it never brings you joy if your partner loses one's trust in you just because of your jeopardising personality.

Naturally, love and relationships are all about sticking to each other in health and sickness, good and bad, rich and poor, but it surely doesn't mean you threaten your partner's position in your life with risks around you that are prone to endanger not only you but your romantic life and partner too. And do you think you can be joyful if you put your truly loved ones in jeopardy? Even though you remain stone-hearted, your love haunts you and makes you joyless if you go selfish enough to jeopardise your romantic partners in your dating life.

Being Jobless-Junkie:

You will be treated as no lesser than a garbage bag if you remain jobless yet enjoy a dating life or be in a relationship with your romantic partner because no one respects you the way you are if you don't feel responsible towards your life and get into random addictions that only spoil your life. Love is all about true dedication, feelings and emotions but to live in a society practically, a person needs to be responsible enough financially and psychologically. Emotions don't feed you, but a job does. Also if you remain incapable of managing your emotions, you end up getting addicted to all kinds of intoxications that result in numbing your personality which in turn leaves you as a junkie. You end up in a loop of losing your jobs because of your junk or getting into junk because of your jobless situation.

Even though you manage to have a dating life or a tender relationship, it takes no time to lose your partner if you either remain jobless or a junkie or both in the worst case. One can't be joyful without working and wandering in intoxicated worlds. You can be joyful only when you work as if you are addicted enough to take care of yourself, your partner and your life sanely.

Don't you think all these 'J's make you joyless and eradicating them can pave a path to your joyful dating life?

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