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Being these 'C's makes you a better couple in a long-term relationship!

Falling in love is easy but being in love by surviving the romantic bond over various hurdles is difficult, as it requires the true efforts of a person with the mindset of leading a long-term relationship. These days people are finding excuses and escape routes whenever they face the talks of long-term bonds, unlike the previous eras where two individuals used to come together only for long-term relationships. Hence, finding such dedicated partners endure a big deal, indeed but instead of finding, why can't you be that deserving partner so that you can get along with a like-minded person who fulfills all your long-term relationship goals? Things become better only when you become better to deserve someone better and stable.

If you struggle with commitment issues and trust issues, or if you end up with someone who has such issues, you need to know how to be a good partner before thinking about deserving a better partner. Here are some traits that make you a more reliable and deserving partner to survive a long-term relationship.

Being Confident:

Of course, relationships aren't debated competitions where you need to present yourself as a confident person but leading a long-term relationship isn't a simple game, though, and confidence is the only trait that can level up your game. If you are confident enough to stand up for yourself, your partner, and your romantic relationship against all odds, it makes you a person who maintains proper clarity and crushes unnecessary confusion. Confidence also encourages a person to communicate with one's partner clearly and confront any kind of situations that comes in your relationship path. And you don't have to sign up for a course to act and sound confident. All you need to possess is some intense faith in yourself and complete trust in your partner. Don't you think trust issues can be sorted out only when you can confidently build trust in yourself and others?

Being Consensual:

It doesn't exclusively apply to physical intimacies even though consensual approaches are ordinarily considered in terms of sex. Maintain that factor in every endeavor that involves you and your partner as a couple, and as someone who represents a romantic relationship as it makes you a sensitive person who understands, perceives, and gets along with your partner's decision too. You don't have to be egoistic when it comes to seeking your partner's opinion before attempting anything in your personal life. If you think you claim all rights to your partner and take decisions according to your convenience, then you make an awful partner. To lead a long-term relationship, a couple must respect each other's space, thoughts, and value of the relationship. It imbibes only when you start being consensual in the matters that require your partner's opinion too, before committing.

Being Career-oriented:

Adeptly, it doesn't mean you need to be completely focused on your work and earn loads of money to keep your partner happy. It does make you the most critical partner altogether because, without time, no relationship can survive. Hence, you need to balance out your individuality between being a workaholic who hardly gives time and being an idle person who keeps passing time. Career paths provide the safety and security for our lifestyle scenarios and practically a person who maintains a stable career path always holds brownie points in terms of being a deserving partner and also getting a better partner, especially in this current generation where in addition to the emotion of love, people also looking for some lifestyle stability. Hence, it would help if you balanced out your commitments with your professional attachments to bring charm to your personality to be a steadier deserving partner who can look after your needs and desires in the long run.

Being Cautious & Conscious:

Long-term relationships are like lifetime commitments; you can't bear the risks of ending up with flawed people and feeling stuck up for life. So, a person needs to be cautious enough regarding the happening in one's personal and professional circles and to be conscious enough regarding one's tender relationships too. It is effortless to get influenced by people, especially during the rough times in love, and also there are chances of you getting manipulated under the name of love and trust by someone who you feel near and dear. Hence, until and unless you completely feel a deep connection with your dear partner without the involvement of external influences and internal citations, don't give yourself the hope of a long-term commitment. You can be cautious without losing people, and you can be conscious without doubting your partner. So, you need to work on these traits every day to enlist yourself as a deserving partner whose thought process remains intact regardless of influences.

Being Concerned and Caretaking:

Who doesn't like to be around someone who showers concern in the right amounts and who always takes care of every possible thing? Long-term relationships work mostly with the factors of intense trust and sincere commitment, not only love and sex. And your partner can only feel your love through the way how you take care of the whole relationship, especially by handling it with utmost concern of not ending it up at any cost regardless of extreme situations. It develops trust in the other person and makes a person feel habituated to staying with you because of how well you take care of things and how deeply you shower your concern for every element that goes against your long-term relationship commitments. It takes to be a human to take care of and be concerned if one's partner falls sick, but it makes you a devoted lover if you remain consistent in being concerned about taking care of everything in and around your relationship.

Consequently, if you allow yourself to be, these 'C's then you become a good partner who gets a better deserving partner and if you remain to be these 'C's, nothing and no one can take your long-term relationship zeal away from you. But if you are someone who doesn't care about being these 'C's yet, expecting your partner to be committed for life, then you don't deserve to have a partner altogether and if you entertain someone who doesn't even fit at least one of the above-mentioned 'C's then you are with a wrong person. Period.


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